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How’s Your Poker Face?

To be honest, it doesn’t matter what your face looks like when you play Novomatic poker. Novomatic has a few different versions that you can play online, either on your phone or tablet or on your computer.

When you play Novomatic poker, you don’t have to deal with any pressure or stress from other players! You can play at your own pace and you don’t have to practise your poker face.

It's a famous card game that’s been played for hundreds of years. There are many variants to the game and it has been evolving slowly over the centuries. The rules vary slightly for the different types of Poker that you’re playing. Essentially, the aim of the game is to get the best hand from 5 cards.

Poker isn’t just a game of chance, it's a game of strategy and skill. This is more so the case when you’re playing against other players and bluffing your way through the game. That’s why it’s good to have a decent poker face.

Like Blackjack, is one of the world’s most-loved card games. Many sleepless nights have been had over a Poker tournament or two! If you want to play it by yourself without having to worry about opponents or bluffing better than anyone else, choose Novomatic Poker! You can play their online version at any Novomatic Casino.

Play Poker in Style with Novomatic

This card game is often portrayed as one of the most stylish and glamorous casino games of all time. In TV and movies especially, people tend to play the game for lots of money and in style.

Poker is seen as a glamorous casino game as it’s favoured by lots of high rollers. Casinos regularly hold poker tournaments and the stakes are normally pretty high! Novomatic likes to take the prestige of real-word poker and adapt it to the screen!

When you play Novomatic Poker online for real money, you feel like you play the real deal. The tables are always luxurious and the cards, chips and other details look professional and high-class.

As with all Novomatic games, you can easily look at the rules or change the settings at any time. They clearly display your balance and each win as it comes in. It’s easy to place your bet and to adjust your bet at any time, since you can't play this table game in ‘auto’ mode.

Poker Face?

When you play poker online, it’s not always about your poker face – it’s all about your hand! No matter what type of the game you play, it’s always about getting the best hand. Perhaps you bluff, perhaps not. But in Novomatic Poker, you can’t bluff as the computer knows exactly what hand you’ve got!

It can be good to play like this because only you are raising the stakes. You're always in control and that's great. Simply because it’s important to make sure you gamble responsibly. It’s a skill to know when to call and when to fold. It’s always good to memorise the different Poker hands and to know which hand beats what.

Poker Hands!

The lowest hand you can have in a round is a High Card. This happens when no one makes a hand (none of the players or the dealer) and the pot goes to the player with the highest card.

If the highest card is in the shared cards, the pot gets split. This is the case for any kind of poker that’s played with shared cards – if the highest hand can be had by any player, the pot is split.

The highest hand is a Royal Flush (10, J, Q, K and A in same suit). Then it’s a Straight Flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit). Then Four of a Kind (four cards of identical value). Under Four of a Kind comes Full House (Three of a Kind plus a Pair). Followed by a Flush (five cards of the same suit) and then a Straight (five consecutive cards of any suit), then Three of a Kind, Two Pair and finally One Pair.

If you want to view the payouts for any of these hands, you can consult the rules by clicking on the question mark/help button at the top-right of the screen. The payout values will depend on your bet and, of course, if you bet more, you will be able to win more! Higher stakes equal higher payout. You can win big amounts on a small bet, though, if you get a good hand. The better the hand, the bigger the payout.

Poker Strategies

Any poker strategy that involves bluffing or deception won’t be useful to you when you’re playing Novomatic’s poker as a table game. This is because you’re not actually playing against real players. Instead, you’ll be playing against the dealer (i.e. the computer) that can see exactly what hand you’ve got. It can often be easier to play this way, particularly if you are new to poker.

This way you can get used to the game without having to deal with other players’ bluffs and deceptions. It also allows you to be more in control of the betting as you are the only one who will be raising the stakes, if you feel like you have a good hand. However, if you do prefer to play with other players and a real dealer, not just a computer, then play Novomatic’s live poker!

Live casino games are the next best thing to playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. You get to play with a real dealer who you can actually talk to! You can also interact with the other players at the table, if you want to.