Multiball Roulette

Multiball Roulette
Multiball Roulette Table

Play With up to 10 Balls

Multiball Roulette from Novomatic is an epic take on the original table game. Roulette is the most-loved table game on earth. Blackjack is also popular but Roulette is the number one table game that’s played without cards.

Instead of a deck of cards, Roulette is played with a wheel and a ball. In a real casino, the croupier (who’s usually very formally dressed in a shirt and bowtie), drops the ball onto the wheel at the start of each round.

The wheel has 37 numbered sections (0-36) where the ball can possibly land. Numbers 1-36 are either red or black and number 0 is green. Some roulette wheels (i.e. in American Roulette) have a second 0 but this version doesn’t.

Another thing that’s different about this particular version of Roulette from Novomatic is that there’s more than one ball! In fact, in Multiball Roulette, you can play with up to 10 balls at any time! This is an especially exciting table game to play at any Novomatic Casino.

The RTP (Return to Player percentage) for Multiball Roulette is slightly lower than the original table game. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t win! The RTP is still over 98% and, with 10 balls, you could potentially win on up to 10 straight numbers in a single round!

The Design of Multiball Roulette from Novomatic

Novomatic have made this online table game look very sleek indeed. The table is made of wood and lined with green felt. You can see the smooth texture of the felt, which is just one of the little design features that make this game come alive on your screen.

The red, black and green colours really pop out on the wheel and there are several lovely gold extras which are nice details. The smallest chip in the game is orange, followed by yellow, white, red, blue and the chip with the highest value is green. You can see a nice stack of these chips on the far-right corner of the table, next to the wheel. The different balls are easily distinguishable as they are also coloured.

The 1st ball is white, the 2nd ball is orange, the 3rd ball is yellow, the 4th ball is green, the 5th ball is turquoise, the 6th ball is blue, the 7th ball is purple, the 8th ball is pink, the 9th ball is red and the 10th ball is black.

On the top-right of the screen, you will be able to see the minimum and maximum bet values you can place on the mat. You will also see a tab that shows you the game history (the last 10 numbers) and then you can open up the details, to view as well your wins. Above this, you’ll see the game settings. Here you can turn the sounds on/off and open the ‘help’ window.

How to Play Multiball Roulette

The best thing about Multiball Roulette is that you can play with more than one ball! Instead of having only one winning number each round, there can be up to 10! Automatically, all 10 balls will be in play when you open the game. If you want to deactivate any of the balls, you can do so on the left of the screen. Here.

You’ll find the ball icons at the top and the section of the wheel they last landed on underneath. You can click on the individual balls or the wheel sections to activate or deactivate any of them. Before you spin the wheel, you’ll need to make your bets. Do this by choosing your chip size and then placing your bets on the mat.

You can take your time doing this as you’re the only one playing, so you decide when to spin the reel! You don’t have to rush your bets unlike you do in a real casino or when you’re playing live. When you’ve placed your bets, you can spin the wheel. You can press ‘Spin’ if you want to watch in anticipation as the balls are released and land one by one on different numbers. If you don’t like waiting and want to see the results of a spin immediately, just choose ‘Quick Spin’.

Multiball Roulette Bets and Wins

In Multiball Roulette, you can make most of the same bets that you can in normal Roulette. You can bet on straight numbers, which pay x36. Split numbers pay x18. Three numbers (street) pay x12. Four numbers (corner) pay x9. Six line bets pay x6. You can also bet on halves, twelves, columns, odds, evens, reds or blacks. All bets will be multiplied by the number of balls you have in play. For example, if you bet 0.10 on a straight number and you’re playing with all 10 balls, your total bet for that round will be 1.00. You can’t make certain bets in Multiball Roulette, and if you try to make them, you’ll find that you won’t be able to spin the wheel. You cannot bet on both red and black, for instance. Neither can you bed on both odd and even, both halves, all three 12s or all three columns at the same time. This is true even if you are only playing the game with one active ball.