Winter Queen

Screenshot Winter Queen

The Queen of Winter Helps You Win

In this winter wonderland, the wins are as big as the snowflakes! Did you know that every snowflake, like a fingerprint, is totally unique!

No two snowflakes are the same. Snowflakes are ice crystals that form around dust particles. Snow and snowflakes look white even though they’re made of pure ice, and that’s because they reflect the entire spectrum of light. Snowflakes are falling from a deep blue sky in this game.

The Winter Queen is ready to greet you on the reels, along with all of her warm-blooded friends. This is the coldest slot in the series of season queens! In this Novomatic series of slot games, there’s also: Spring Queen, Summer Queen and Autumn Queen.

You can win Free Games in Winter Queen and these come with the Winter Queen Bonus! This video slot also has a Wild symbol that can help you get wins! 40 paylines run across these icy reels. The five frozen reels each have three positions so there are 15 positions in total on the reels.

The RTP for Winter Queen is 95.02% and that’s very normal for a Novomatic slot game. Winter Queen has a free mode and a real play mode. When you play for free, you will have demo credits and demo wins.

To play for real money, head over to a Novomatic casino! Many online casinos offer Novomatic games for real money play. To find out which ones are the best, you can check out our reviews.

Symbols from Icy Lands

In Winter Queen, there are 10 different symbols. The Winter Queen is the most valuable of the ordinary symbols. She looks quite like Wonder Woman but dressed in blue! She might be a frosty lady but she’s also very sexy and her outfit leaves nothing to the imagination.

In descending order of value, the other ordinary symbols in Winter Queen are: the polar bear, the husky, the hummingbird and then the royal cards. The Ace and King are worth more than the Queen and Jack. These card values are frozen and covered in snowflakes.

All of these symbols give a minimum payout for 3 matches and bigger payouts for 4 matches and 5 matches. If you want to see how big the payouts are going to be, open the paytable. These figures will be the right figures for your bet, as the more you bet, the bigger the payouts will be.

To get the payouts, you have to match up the symbols in the right way. This means getting them to land on consecutive reels from the leftmost reel towards the right. The matching symbols must also follow the path of one of the paylines. If you don’t match these criteria, the game won’t award you the payout.

If there are any gaps in a combination of symbols, the only symbol that can help is the Wild symbol. This symbol is very recognisable and you’ll love its substituting powers! It can stand in for any of these ordinary symbols. The only symbol it can’t replace is the Scatter symbol.

The Winter Queen Bonus

The Scatter symbol gives wins that are twice the size of the payouts that the Winter Queen awards! It also doesn’t have to follow the rules that other symbols do. It can land from any position on any three, four or five reels. Regardless of whether they’re consecutive or not, or whether they’re from the left or not.

3 Scatters award 2x your bet plus 10 Free Games. 4 Scatters award 5x your bet plus 10 Free Games. 5 Scatters award 25x your bet plus 10 Free Games. All Free Games come with the Winter Queen Bonus.

The Winter Queen Bonus adds huge symbols onto the reels. These big symbols are only the picture symbols, which are: the Winter Queen, the polar bear, the huskie and the hummingbird.

They can appear almost anywhere and can take up to 9x positions (3 entire reels). When these huge symbols land in a good place and other symbols that match also land on good places, you’ll get humongous payouts! It’s during the Free Games where this game really pays out so best of luck trying to win them!