Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart
Screenshot Wild at Heart

Go Wild for Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is a fantastical video slot game made by Novomatic. It almost has a fairy tale feeling about it, it’s so full of fantastical colours, creatures and symbols. The colours in this game look psychedelic and aluminous and not dull at all like they do in many other slot games. The background is a lovely wallpaper-style pattern, coloured with oranges, reds, pinks and purples.

The logo is an intricate font with two roses, some greenery and a heart. The game is all about this heart as you’ll see when you start playing! The bottom of the reels look as though they are from gold.

In total, Wild at Heart has 5 reels, 20 paylines and 3 rows (3 positions on each reel). This is a slot from Novomatic that might seem like all the rest but actually it has some characteristics that are really unique! For one, the design is quite unlike other Novomatic casino slot games, especially in terms of the colours but also the symbols!

Also, Wild at Heart has a cool and quirky bonus feature that you can enjoy when you get the free spins! Other one-of-a-kind games from Novomatic are: Book of Ra Deluxe, Monkey’s Millions, Kingdom of Legend, Little Dragons, Crazy Birds and Win Wizard. You’ll definitely like Wild at Heart if you’ve played and enjoyed any of the games in Novomatic’s seasons Queens series, like: Spring Queen, Summer Queen or Autumn Queen.

Psychedelic Symbols in Wild at Heart

In any Novomatic slot or video slot, all you have to do is open the paytable to see all of the individual symbols and the payout values for them. When you open the paytable in this game, you’ll see the colourful card symbols at the bottom, meaning that they have smaller payouts than the symbols further up the paytable.

There are 5 card symbols in this game and they are: 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. At the top of the Wild at Heart paytable is the tiger symbol. This tiger is pretty fierce and has bright green eyes that seemingly stare into your soul! Just underneath the tiger, you’ll find the sparkling diamond symbol and then the rose and the snake symbol.

The rose is purple, blue and orange and the snake is green and wrapped around a dagger. Every symbol in this eye-pleasing slot game gives a payout for 3, 4 and 5 consecutive matching symbols that fall on active paylines. The symbols that match must fall from the left as the paylines only pay one way.

The tiger, on top of being the fiercest predator and the highest-paying symbol of them all, can also creep his way into other symbol’s wins! That’s right, he’s so good at hiding, he can hide and pretend to be any other symbol and no one will notice! Tigers are wild creatures, after all.

Are You Ready to Make Things Wild?

If you’re wild at heart, you’ll really enjoy this slot’s bonus feature. To trigger the bonus, you’ll need to get 3 bonus symbols to land on the reels all together! Not on separate spins but on the same spin! When you do, the game will award you 15 free spins together with the Wild at Heart feature. This feature is all about the hearts.

There are extra heard symbols that are added to the reels during the free games and these hearts are plain and pink! At the very beginning of the bonus, right before the free games start, you can gamble on the number of these new heart symbols that will land throughout the free games. You can bet on getting 3 or more, 5 or more, 7 or more, 10 or more or 15 or more.

If you bet on the right number and enough heart symbols land on the reels throughout your 15 free spins, all of your winnings from the free games will be multiplied by that number! The multipliers you can get are: x3, x5, x7, x10 and x15! Is it better to be safe than sorry or do risks pay off? Only you can decide, so go wild!