Viva Dollars Xtra Choice

Viva Dollars Xtra Choice
Screenshot Viva Dollars Xtra Choice

Go to Las Vegas with Novomatic

Head to Nevada with Novomatic in this epic, Vegas style slot game. Everything about Viva Dollars Xtra Choice screams Las Vegas! The reels stand on the strip, and you can see all of the hotels, casinos and palm trees that line this famous road.

It’s night time and the night sky is lit with the glow from all of the neon signs. The symbols are a delightful ode to Las Vegas and casinos. Gaming fans who have always wanted to go to Vegas will like this slot game. Playing it will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of all the action!

It has five reels with three rows and twenty-five paylines. The first hotel casino opened in Las Vegas in the 1950s. At the end of the same decade, the famous ‘Las Vegas’ sign was made! Now, the casino industry is a huge part of the economy! Thousands and thousands of visitors journey to Las Vegas every year to enjoy the amazing and unique experience.

Las Vegas Baby

Some of the most famous casino hotels are: The Golden Nugget, The Venetian and Caesar’s Palace. Going to Las Vegas for a holiday would be very fun but also very expensive! With this Novomatic slot game, you can feel the Vegas vibe and even win some serious money.

Viva Dollars Xtra Choice has a high RTP. You can win big in the normal game and you can win even bigger in the Free Games, as they can come with some huge win mutlipliers!

In this Novomatic slot game, you can gamble your wins and you can spin the reels automatically. All paylines in this game are left to right. You will love this slot game if you’ve ever played a Novomatic game before and enjoyed it. It’s so classic and straight forward, with the perfect Nevada theme. Viva Las Vegas!

Winning the Dollars in Viva Dollars Xtra Choice

The rules of this slot game are very Nevada normal! In any slot game, you get to spin the reels for a chance to win. To win, the reels must stop where the symbols on them line up and match. Different slot games award wins for different number of matches and different lines. In Viva Dollars Xtra Choice, there are 25 lines that run from left to right.

They require at least three of a kind to pay you the wins that are shown on the paytable. Each symbol has its own win amounts, and you can see them by opening the paytable. For bigger bets, the wins get bigger too.

The card symbols have the smallest win amounts and the picture symbols have higher win amounts. The cards are: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9. The picture symbols are: a pair of red dice, some cocktails, stacks of poker chips, a pink limousine and the Viva Dollars Las Vegas-style sign. 2 of a kind wins are possible for the Vegas sign and the limo symbols. 3, 4 and 5 of a kind wins are possible for all symbols. A gamble game is available if you want the chance to double your wins for an extra risk!

It Gets Wild in Vegas

On top of all the regular symbols, there’s a Wild symbol. This symbol is three red sevens burning in flames! On its own, this symbol can award wins for matches of 2 or more. With other symbols, this Wild can fill in like a substitute, award wins and multiply wins! In fact, the win multipliers for Wilds in combinations go up to x77!

In addition, there’s a Scatter symbol in this game. The Scatter symbol is a golden dollar sign. Like the Wild, it can also pay for 2 or more matches – but for this symbol the matches can be scattered anywhere on the reels! Unlike the other symbols, the wins paid for the Scatter aren’t contingent on paylines. For 2 Scatters, you just get a payout.

For 3, 4 or 5 Scatters, you get a payout plus Free Spins! Because this slot game is called Viva Dollars Xtra Choice, you get to choose which Free Spins you want. You can choose 20 Free Games which come with win multipliers of up to x17. You can choose to get 12 Free Games where the win multipliers go up to x37.

There’s an option for win multipliers that go up to x57 with 8 Free Games. If you choose the Free Games with the biggest win multiplier of x77, you will only get 6 Free Games. 6 Free Games might not seem like a lot but it only takes one lucky spin to hit that multiplier of x77!