Twin Spinner

Twin Spinner
Screenshot Twin Spinner

Double the Retro, Double the Fun

Twin Spinner might be new but it looks super old school! Novomatic love these kind of slot games. That’s why they keep on making them! Twin Spinner is yet another classic example of a retro slot machine reimagined for online players.

The whole idea of this slot is to make you feel like you’re playing on a slot machine in an actual, physical casino. Instead of having the design just show you the reels, Twin Spinner makes it look like you’re looking at the face of the slot machine. You change the settings on the slot by pressing the buttons on the slot.

Behind Twin Spinner, some other classic Novomatic slots are arranged around the room. You can clearly see games like: Simply Wild, Club 2000 Casino and Grand Slam Casino. Twin Spinner, the star of the show, is a double slot! That’s how it got its name.

Twins must run in the Novomatic family! There are two four-reel slot machines rolled into one. When you play this retro Novomatic slot, you can play by spinning both sets of reels at the same time. Or, if you prefer, you can play by spinning them separately, or only spinning one set of reels. These twins are identical; they both have four reels and the same exact symbols. However, when you spin them together, the outcomes won’t be identical!

You’ll get two totally different results from these two slots. That makes the game even more fun. If playing on one slot machine just isn’t enough excitement for you, then Twin Spinner is the game for you.

Identical Twins, Identical Symbols

There are two sets of identical reels in Twin Spinner. They each have four reels and ten symbols. Each reel has three positions, so you’ll see twelve symbols in total (in random positions) when you spin and stop the reels. You win when the reels stop (or you stop them yourself) showing matching symbols on paylines. There’s only one win for each symbol and that’s for three matches.

The three identical symbols must cover consecutive positions on a payline. The red lines on the reels show the different paylines. This helps you to see where the matching symbols need to fall. When you press start, the reels will spin and stop on their own.

If you see matching symbols at any time when the reels are spinning, you can press start again to stop them. You have to be quick to try and get them to stop! Three oranges award the smallest win. Three golden stars award the biggest win.

There’s also wins for: three plums, three pears, three strawberries, three grapes, three watermelons, three red sevens and three golden bells. There’s one more symbol in Twin Spinner but it’s not the same as the others. This extra symbol is the golden crown. The golden crown symbol is extremely prestigious and desirable, just like a real golden crown! This exceptional symbol is an exception to the rules. It doesn’t have to land on paylines, or even consecutively for that matter, to pay out. Any three golden crowns, in any three positions, will pay out a win as big as three golden stars!

How to Play Twin Spinner

Twin Spinner is a game that deals exclusively in coins. The balance you pay into the game is converted into coins. All of your bets and wins are calculated in coins. You can personalise the value of 1 coin at the bottom of the screen. The minimum bet to spin each set of reels is 1 coin. You can also bet 3 coins per spin, 5 coins, 10 coins, 20 coins, 40 coins or 100 coins per spin. You don’t have to make the same bet on both sets of reels.

You can bet 10 coins per spin on the left reels and 40 coins per spin on the right reels. It’s totally up to you! Press ‘Start’ in the middle to spin both sets of reels. Alternatively, you can press the ‘Start’ button on the far-left to spin the left reels only.

Similarly, you can press the ‘Start’ button on the far-right to spin the right reels only. While the reels are spinning, if you press ‘Start’ again, they will stop suddenly. The ‘Autostart’ button will spin both sets of reels automatically and continuously until you press it again to stop autoplay. All wins are collected and cannot be gambled in Twin Spinner.