Triple Double Totem

Triple Double Totem
Screenshot Triple Double Totem

Diamond Reels and Cultural Feels

The reels are shaped like a diamond in this video slot game. This is a fantastic, high-paying slot game from Novomatic that takes inspiration from Native American culture. In Northwest America, totem poles are common. They are pieces of art that have great cultural significance.

Totem Poles are tall, wooden poles, often intricately carved and sometimes painted. Totem Poles are often made to tell stories, events, legends or even honour ancestors. They made them from the trunks of cedar trees. Not many Totem Poles survive from before the 20th century, but there are many to see that were carved after then!

They are a must-see for anyone who shows interest in Native American history. So is this Novomatic Casino slot game! It’s a 40-payline slot game with diamond-shaped reels. Reel one and reel five have three positions each; reel two and reel four each have four positions and reel three (the middle reel) has five positions. In the background, you can see a wonderful sunset, which has painted the sky lovely warm shades of yellow, orange and red.

On top of that, you can see faint patterns of Native American style, almost like a watermark over the top. There are two big pine trees standing on either side of the diamond-shaped reels. Although the shape of the reels and the theme of this game are quite rare for a Novomatic slot game, it’s otherwise very typical. You can play automatically or manually. You can collect or gamble your wins. It’s easy to change your bet and view the rules on the paytable. Triple Double Totem has a pretty unusual bonus feature, too!

Trible Double Totem Symbols

The different slot symbols in Triple Double Totem are half slot-style symbols and half totem-style symbols. This enhances the Native American theme but also makes it feel like a proper slot game, not a gimmicky one.

The slot symbols in Triple Double Totem are all fruits. There are four fruits in all, and these are: the cherries, orange, pear and the grapes. The rest of the symbols are totem pole carvings. There’s a turtle, two masks (a turquoise one and a purple one), a bird mask and a golden eagle. You can win money for matching up symbols.

The minimum number of matches you need in Triple Double Totem is three. You can win more money for four and five matches. For the totem symbols, you can also win money for combinations of any three, four or five totem carvings (they don’t all have to match).

In order for you to be paid the cash win as available on the paytable, the particular combination of symbols have to line up on one or more of the 40 paylines. The paylines go from left to right and require combinations to be consecutive.

If you are playing Triple Double Totem automatically, you have to stop the automatic mode to gamble a win. On the paytable, you’ll be able to read the maximum gamble amount.

Triple Double Totem Bonuses

Along with a Bonus, you can also get win multipliers in Triple Double Totem. You win these win multiplierswith one of two symbols: the 2X and the 3X symbols. Both of these symbols are Wild. For any symbol apart from the Bonus symbol, these Wilds can act as substitute for any symbol. If the 2X symbol substitutes and completes a win, it will double the win amount.

If the 3X symbol acts as substitute and completes a win, it will triple the win amount! Up to three can form part of a winning combination. In these cases, the win multipliers will grow to x4, x6 or x9! In addition to these Wild win multiplier symbols, there’s a Bonus symbol.

The Bonus symbol is a Scatter. It doesn’t award cash wins but it can trigger the bonus! For three, four or five bonus symbols scattered on the reels, you’ll get the Triple Double Totem Bonus! This is a bonus game you play on a wheel, instead of on the reels.

The wheel comes in sections and each section displays a cash win amount. The more Bonus symbols you spin, the more pointers you will get on the Bonus wheel. For the bonus, you get to spin the wheel. When the wheel stops spinning, you will win the cash amounts that the pointers land on!