Tidal Riches

Tidal Riches
Screenshot Tidal Riches

A Slot That Moves with the Tide

Tidal Riches is an awesome new slot that’s located in the middle of the ocean! This is one of Novomatic’s most advanced sea-themed slot games. Especially in terms of the graphics. The bonus features in Tidal Riches are also leaps and bounds above many other Novomatic slots that celebrate the sea. You just have to look at the background to see how sophisticated this slot is. Y

ou could be looking out the window of a submarine and seeing this view! The sea floor is covered in lovely coral – you can see the colours right at the front of the slot but, further back, it’s difficult to see the bright colours.

There’s a turquoise octopus hanging around on the right side of the reels. Also, periodically, you’ll see schools of tropical fish swimming across your screen. The open ocean stretches very far in the distance!

When you play the game initially, the tide is low and you play on 5 reels and 3 rows. However, when the tide rises, you can play on up to 6 reels and 5 rows! You can win riches in Tidal Riches! This slot has some awesome features to enjoy and loads of free spins you can win.

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Sea Life in Tidal Riches

Tidal Riches is full of life and colour! Many symbols in this game are sea creatures. You’ll see pufferfish, octopi, turtles, dolphins, turtles and angelfish. In addition to these friendly and colourful sea creatures, there are also card symbols on the reels. 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all award the minimum payouts.

In ascending order thereafter (in terms of payouts), there’s the angelfish, the pufferfish, the turtle, the octopus and the dolphin. Winning combinations consist of three or more identical symbols, lined up consecutively on a payline. Each symbol gives wins up to x6 matches. There’s a golden Wild symbol in Tidal Riches which can substitute for any symbol in a win.

Tumbling Reels and Disappearing Symbols!

At the top of the reels, you’ll see a line of arrows. The last four arrows have clams on them. Every time a winning combination of symbols lands on the reels, the winning symbols will disappear and fresh symbols will tumble into place! An extra arrow will light up above the reels, and you’ll gain an extra row or reel! You can also gain extra win lines, the more arrows you light up.

The original game is played on 5 reels with 3 rows and 20 paylines. The game expands to a maximum of 6 reels with 5 rows and 50 paylines! This can keep happening, so long as you keep getting winning symbols on the reels. The more arrows light up, the closer you’ll get to winning Free Spins! When you reach the arrows with clams on them, they will each open up and award free spins with Treasure Chest symbols!

Tidal Riches Free Spins

Depending on how many arrows you lit up and which clam you opened, you’ll either have ordinary Treasure Chest symbols (1x1 position), stacked ordinary Treasure Chest symbols, mega ones (2x2 positions) or colossal ones (3x2 positions).

The Wild symbol can’t substitute for the Treasure Chest in Free Spins. Every time a Treasure Chest symbol lands on the reels in the Free Spins, it will explode open and scatter identical symbols on the reels to help you get more wins!

Like in the normal game, there are arrows at the top of the reels that light up one by one, every time you get a win. You’ll have the chance to win more Free Spins if you light up more than 3 arrows! You can win up to 10 additional Free Spins.

Tidal Riches Hi-Roller

Tidal Riches has a hi-roller mode you can use at any time! There’s a silver mode and a gold mode. The silver mode costs 5x your bet and the gold mode costs 10x your bet. You can three spins on each, both with Mega Wilds and in the gold mode, the arrows you light up will stay lit for all spins, instead of resetting with every losing spin. This means you could easily win free spins as you have 3 chances to get them, not just one!