Super Cherry 1000

Super Cherry 1000
Screenshot Super Cherry 1000

A Super Retro Casino Game

Super Cherry 1000 is an absolute classic. It’s one of Novomatic’s most recent releases but, despite that, it looks like it’s from the 80s! Super Cherry 1000 is an old school style slot with retro vibes.

Haven’t you ever wanted to step back in time and play a vintage, arcade style slot game? Unfortunately, if you were to do so, you would probably get super annoyed and frustrated at how slow the games were loading. That’s why Super Cherry 1000 is so fantastic. It gives you the feeling of playing a classic slot game, but it’s made with modern technology!

This Novomatic slot loads instantly and it’s download-free. If you have an account at a Novomatic casino, you can play Super Cherry 1000 for free or for real money. It’s compatible with any device, meaning that you can go back in time with this 3-reel slot on your phone or your tablet. Instead of a zoomed-in view of just the reels, Super Cherry 1000 shows the whole slot machine.

It has been designed to look like you’re standing in front of the actual standing slot machine in a games arcade. In the background, you can see lots of other Super Cherry 1000 machines. Even though this is a vintage-looking game with only 3 reels and 1 payline, this slot has some super features.

Super Cherries and Super Fruits

Super Cherry 1000 only has one payline. This is typical of retro slots with only 3 reels. The payline goes straight across the middle of all three reels. For every symbol except the cherry symbol, you will get a payout if the reels stop where three matching symbols have landed on the payline, one on each reel.

The reels show 3 positions and the payline goes across the middle positions on all three reels. Super Cherry 1000 is such a classic game, you will recognise every symbol in the game. Three grapes or pears award the smallest win. Match up three lemons or oranges for bigger payouts. Three plums or three watermelons are worth more and three cherries pay out even more!

A bigger win is awarded for three golden bells and three bar symbols give the biggest win of all. The super cherry is a special symbol. All other symbols need three matches on the payline to award the win.

However, the cherry can give wins for only one or two matches on the payline. For a one cherry win, it has to land on either reel 1 or reel 3. For a two cherry win, the two cherry symbols can land on any positions on the payline. It doesn’t matter which two reels they land on. The cherry symbol is the only symbol that can give payouts for one or two matches! That’s what makes the super cherry so special.

Super Special Features

You might think that because this is such a basic slot game that there aren’t any special features. But you would be wrong! Super Cherry 1000 is absolutely stuffed full of special features which can pay out huge wins! These are the special features in this classic Novomatic slot:

-Hold Feature
-Step Feature
-Cherry Step Feature
-Star Feature

When you spin the reels and two matching symbol land on the reels (instead of three), you will either win the Hold Feature or the Step Feature. For the Hold Feature, the last reel (without the matching symbol on it) will re-spin for free. For the Step Feature, the last reel will nudge up or down to complete the win.

If, during the Step Feature, the third reel lands on a cherry, you will upgrade to the Cherry Step Feature and get a x20 win! The Star Feature triggers when you land three Scatter symbols (the stars). During the Star Feature, every spin will result in a guaranteed win! With the help of bonuses, such as the 2x or 4x Shuffle, Fruit Stop, 10x or Cherry Collect, you will get a win on every Star Feature spin!