Star Nova

Star Nova
Screenshot Star Nova

Star Nova Slot Spins Spacey Wins

The Star Nova slot by Novomatic is set in space. Space is so huge, it’s impossible to imagine or comprehend. Just like the biggest wins are in Star Nova! Some of the symbols pay up to x25 your bet per spin and the theoretical RTP is 95%.

Stars are incredible! They burn so hot and so brightly that we can see them from hundreds or thousands of miles away. The sun is the closest star to us but it’s estimated that there are more than 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way alone.

The background of Star Nova looks out deep into space an you can see the light from many, many stars. The logo is designed to look like it would be right at home on the side of a spaceship. The colourful symbols stand out from the background so you’ll easily be able to see when you get a win!

This slot, although it’s a video slot, is pretty simple. Actually, it would make a very good start for a beginner. Unusually for a Novomatic casino slot game, Star Nova doesn’t have Free Spins but it does have a Wild feature that can give you free re-spins.

One of the great things about Star Nova is the fact that the paylines pay both ways! You can line up matching symbols from the right as well as from the left! Some other simple, gem-themed games from Novomatic include: Jewel Action, Jackpot Diamonds, Sizzling Gems and Gems Wild Tiles.

The High-Paying Symbols are the Stars of Star Nova

Novomatic have kept things simple with the symbols in this slot game. There’s nothing particularly fancy about any of the symbols. They are all ordinary slot symbols that you find in many games, not just from Novomatic.

All of the symbols award payouts for 3 consecutive matches, 4 consecutive matches and 5 consecutive matches. As we have already mentioned, one of the great things about Star Nova is that the paylines pay both ways. This means that the matching symbols, as long as they follow the pattern of a payline, can fall from the right or from the left.

The purple and the green gems give the smallest payouts. The blue gem gives bigger payouts, the red gem even bigger and the yellow gem is the most-valuable precious stone! The red seven pays more than all of the gems and this symbol is on a blue star!

The bar symbol is the highest-paying symbol in the game and this is on a yellow star (like our sun). You can gamble your wins when you get payouts, using the 50/50 gamble feature.

Each time you gamble, there’s a 50% chance you’ll double your win and a 50% chance you’ll lose it. If you have the game on autoplay, you must stop autoplay after you get a win to gamble it. Otherwise, your wins will be added to your balance and the game will carry on.

Star Nova’s Expanding Wilds and Extra Spins

While Star Nova is quite a simple slot game, without any bonus games, it does have a special feature. There’s a Wild symbol in this game and it looks like the most special star of all!

This Wild symbol appears only on the middle reels (2, 3 and 4) and it can stand in for any other symbol in the game by acting as a substitute. It will do so when it lands in the right position to be able to complete a winning set of matching symbols!

The other special thing about this symbol is, like a star, its ability to expand! When it lands anywhere on the middle reels, it will expand to cover the entire reel. Payouts will be awarded (if any) and then the other reels will re-spin while the Wild reel stays in place.

Payouts will be awarded again (if any) and then the game will continue as normal. If, however, during the free re-spin, another Wild symbol lands on another of the middle reels, the same thing will happen again!

The whole reel will turn Wild and both Wild reels will then stay still while the other reels re-spin for free. This can happen up to three times in a row, in which case all three of the middle reels will be completely Wild and you’ll be in for some wild wins!