Shooting Stars Supernova

Shooting Stars Supernova
Screenshot Shooting Stars Supernova

Novomatic Goes Galactic!

A supernova is an exploding star! Supernovas burn brighter than anything else in the sky. At the end of a star’s life (or if the star gets too heavy), an explosion occurs. This is called a supernova and it sends elements shooting into space! Just like a real supernova, this Novomatic slot is pretty impressive.

The design is space-crazy! The reels are suspended in space, amongst the stars and supernovae. This space-age slot has 5 reels and 10 individual paylines which pay both ways! The symbols are all stars and planets which adds to the galactic-theme. This slot is an update of Novomatic’s Shooting Stars slot. It features the same symbols and the same theme, except Shooting Stars Supernova has a few extras.

Shooting Stars is loved by loads of Novomatic players because of its Wild feature. Now, players will love Shooting Stars Supernova even more, because this slot can be played in hi-roller mode! These two modes (silver and gold) add extra Wilds to the reels and make triggering this great feature even more likely!

This new Novomatic slot has an RTP of 96.11% - this is very good for a slot game, especially from this developer. You’ll love all the supernova-size wins you’ll be getting in this game.

The only minus about this slot is that there are no Free Spins rounds to win. However, the Wild feature does trigger free re-spins of the reels. Other space-inspired slots from Novomatic include: Book of Stars, Shooting Stars and Crystal Odyssey.

Symbols Where Online Casino Meets Outer Space

The symbols in Shooting Stars Supernova are a perfect blend of outer space magic and classic casino creativity. The low value symbols are the playing cards: 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Each of these symbols is its own planet with rings – just like Saturn! The 10 is a yellow planet; the Jack is a green planet; the Queen is a pink planet; the King is a blue planet and the Ace is a red planet.

There are two high-value symbols in addition to these playing card planets! One is a galaxy symbol which can pay out up to 12x your bet. The other is a sun symbol, burning bright and orange. This pays up to x25 your bet. The 10 paylines award wins on both sides! Each symbol requires 3 consecutive matches falling either from the left or from the right. These must follow one of the paylines.

Shooting Stars Feature

The last symbol you’ll see on these reels is the supernova! This is a white-blue exploding star and it’s the Wild symbol. It doesn’t give out wins itself and it only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 (middle 3 reels). The supernova symbol can substitute for every other symbol in the game. It’s wild, baby! When it lands on any position on one of the middle reels, this supernova symbol expands to fill that whole reel.

The supernova reel will then stay in place and trigger the Shooting Stars feature! This spins the other reels (for free) while the Wild supernova symbols stay in place. If another supernova Wild lands during the free re-spin, the same thing will happen again! This can happen up to three times in the normal mode (one supernova symbol landing on each of the three middle reels).

Hi-Roller Mode: Gold and Silver

As we already mentioned, this slot is an upgrade from Shooting Stars. The difference in these two Novomatic slots is that Shooting Stars Supernova can be played in hi-roller mode! There are two different hi-roller modes: gold and silver.

The silver hi-roller mode is played with your bet x5 and the gold hi-roller mode is played with your bet x10. For the silver mode, you play with an increased bet for stacked Wilds on the middle 3 reels (2,3 and 4) so that you have a higher chance of triggering the Shooting Stars feature.

In the gold mode, the stacked Wilds are added to all 5 reels giving you an even higher chance than that! For x10 your bet it will be worth it for the opportunity of having all 5 reels filled with Wild supernova symbols. Imagine that galactic win!