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Really Wild
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A Great Graffiti Game

Novomatic’s Really Wild video slot is a graffiti game. It’s all about street artists who get really wild! Graffiti has a big stigma attached to it. Most people in most cities hate this sort of street art and find it to be destruction of property. A lot of the time it is, with young kids spraying their ‘tags’ on people’s homes, garages and shops. However, there are some famous graffiti artists (and some unknown graffiti artists) whose work is appreciated and even revered!

Banksy, for example, has been making waves all over the world. One of his works sold recently for over a million dollars! Many young people who start making graffiti are just being vandals, but others see it as a way to gain a future! There are graffiti competitions all over the world where graffiti artists can win prizes.

Of course this slot game awards prizes, too for matching symbols. The symbols have different values and some symbols give out much bigger wins than others! They all go really well with the theme and look like graffiti art that’s been spray-painted on a wall. The brick wall is the dead of night, so the brick looks black. It’s the perfect surface to cover in graffiti art!

Although the theme of Really Wild is extremely unique, the slot itself is pretty standard. The game offers four reels, three rows and 7 paylines. You can spin the reels with autoplay but there’s no option to gamble wins in Really Wild. You can, however, win up to 20 Free Spins!

Graffiti Symbols in Really Wild

There are three rows and four reels in Really Wild. When you spin the reels, they will stop and show three symbols on each reel. There are 9 symbols in total that will possibly be covering the different positions! These all look like they’ve been spray-painted by a graffiti artist. There’s a plum, an orange, a lemon, cherries, a watermelon, a red seven and a star.

Press the information button to see the paytable. On here, you can see the 3-match win and the 4-match win for each symbol. The win is paid when the right number of corresponding symbols follow a payline when the reels stop.

In this slot game, there are 7 paylines. Paylines 1, 2 and 3 run horizontally across all four reels. The paylines 4 and 5 run diagonally across reels 1-3. Paylines 6 and 7 run diagonally across reels 2-4. On paylines, the matching symbols of a kind must be successive to pay the win. If you spin fewer matches, or there’s a gap in the combination, you won’t get the win.

As there isn’t a gamble option in Really Wild, all wins are added to your balance. All of the win amounts are dependent on your bet. The bet amount per spin isn’t fixed, so you can set it to the amount you’re comfortable with.

You can play in free mode with demo credits and you can also play Really Wild for real money at a Novomatic Casino. There are many Novomatic Casinos you can play at online, but some are a cut above the rest. To see which ones we recommend, go to our review section. All of the casinos featured on our site offer Novomatic games.

How to Get Really Wild

Things can get wild in this Novomatic slot game. With the help of the Wild symbol, you can get some wild wins! The wild symbol is the world ‘Wild’ graffitied in gold paint on a brick wall. It’s a very typical slot Wild and it’s great for helping you get wins.

The wild symbol aids you in getting wins by standing for any symbol. If you’re one match short of a win, or you have a symbol missing on one reel of the payline, the Wild can step in. It can substitute for any of the symbols (if it lands in just the right position) but not for the Scatter symbol.

The Scatter symbol is the elusive graffiti artist. Who knows, maybe it’s Banksy! He’s wearing sunglasses and a hoodie to help hide his identity. When the reels stop and three graffiti artist symbols are scattered, you’ll win 10 Free Spins.

When the reels stop and four of these symbols are scattered, you’ll win 20 Free Spins! For the free spins, there’s a special feature that’s active. This is where the slot gets its name from. One reel will be chosen at random to be the Wild Reel! All positions on the chosen reel will be Wild symbol (3 Wild symbols). The reel will stay wild for the duration of the Free Spins.