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Random Runner
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Random Runner: Tops and Bottoms

Novomatic's Random Runner slot game, brought to you by NovomaticCasino.co.uk, will have you dreaming of a simpler time when slot machines were slot machines and strawberries tasted like strawberries. Well, it won’t have you dreaming of it – it’ll have you enjoying it!

Random Runner slot game takes you back and lets you enjoy a classic-style top and bottom slot machine as if you were playing in arcade in the 70s. The design, music, sound effects and symbols are all wonderfully retro and will have you beaming from ear to ear with excitement. The best thing about this retro slot game is its retro generosity! Too many slots these days are offering rubbish return to player percentages (RTP) but not Random Runner slot game – this takes you back to when you could actually win a coin or two!

On the Bottom

The first game you play in Random Runner slot game is the bottom game. This is a classic 3-reel, 1-payline slot game that allows you to hols the reels! The aim of the bottom game is to spin three matching symbols on the payline in order to get coins!

The paytable is to the left of the reels so you can see how much each symbol is worth and to the right of the reels you’ll be able to see how many coins you’ll get for each combination of matching symbols that fall on the winline.

When you do spin a winning combination, you can choose to add your winning coins to your total balance or put them in the ‘super meter’ and when you have coins in your ‘super meter’ you can play the top game!

One of the best features about this bottom game is that you can hold the reels. So, if you spin two of a kind onto the winline, you can hold both of those symbols in place and spin the third reel – to increase your chance of getting a winning combination and more coins!

Random Runner on Top

The bottom game in Random Runner slot game uses 1 coin for every spin of the reels. However, when you get a win and you choose to put the coins into the ‘super meter’ you’ll move on to the top game, which takes 4 coins per spin.

As long as there are coins in the ‘super meter’ you’ll play the top game, which is also a classic 3-reel slot game but instead of just having 1 winline, it has 5 and the wins are much, much bigger!

You don’t necessarily have to pay the top game in Random Runner slot game and you can instead choose to add your winning coins to your balance instead of your ‘super meter’, as well as being able to move them from your ‘super meter’ to your balance whenever you like, if you change your mind.

Symbols in Random Runner

It’s not just the design of this slot that’s beautifully retro, but the symbols are also. Slot machines have been around for centuries but the symbols haven’t changed!

Gracing the reels in Random Runner slot game are fruits, like: cherries, watermelon, grapes, lemons, oranges and plums! There’s also a golden bell, a lucky star and red sevens!

The crown symbol in Random Runner slot game is the Scatter symbol, which means it pays out wherever it lands and the bar symbol in Random Runner slot game is the Wild, which means it can substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter.

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