Jester’s Luck

Jester’s Luck
Screenshot Jester’s Luck

A Happy-Go-Lucky Slot from Novomatic

Jester’s Luck is yet another fruity number from Novomatic. It has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. It might be a modern video slot but it looks very retro indeed! The reels are dominated by retro symbols, such as red sevens, stars, fruits, bells and a jolly jester!

Every slot game has an RTP (Return to Player) percentage. This is the percentage of all of the bets that the game pays back to players. For example, if a slot had a 90% RTP, for every £100 that was bet on the game, the game pays back £95 to players. The game calculates the RTP over many bets by many players and, of course, one player may get 0% back whereas another player will get 150% back. That’s the luck of slots! The RTP for Jester’s Luck is 95.01% - so it just takes the edge over the majority of Novomatic’s slot games.

The jester in Jester’s Luck is jollier than most and why wouldn’t he be? He’s the most important symbol in the game! He triggers re-spins, he’s the Wild symbol and he can transform any other symbol to a wild symbol, too! This Jester is actually a jack in a box – and he seems to be pretty good at juggling all of his abilities!

Many of Novomatic’s other slot games are similar to this one. The list includes (but certainly isn’t limited to) the following games: Book of Ra Deluxe, Golden Sevens Deluxe, Magic Jester, King’s Jester, Lucky Jolly, Jolly Fruits, Jester’s Crown and Jolly Reels.

The Jester and Other Lucky Symbols

In Jester’s Luck, there are loads of unique and colourful symbols on the reels. It works like an ordinary slot game, so you’ll want to spin the reels and keep your fingers crossed that as many symbols match up each spin as possible!

In total, Jester’s Luck has 25 paylines. You don’t have to have all 25 active, simply use the plus and minus buttons at the bottom-left of the reels to set the number you want. Then you can choose how much to bet on each line you activated. Every time you spin the reels, you wager your bet per line multiplied by the number of lines you activated. Winning combinations of matching symbols will give the payouts displayed on the paytable (these automatically adjust with your bet).

The right number of matching symbols (either two or three or more, depending on the symbol) will need to land on an active payline. Paylines pay from the left to the right, meaning that matching symbols will only pay out when they land on the leftmost reel and then consecutively towards the right, following the path of one or more active paylines.

The smallest payouts are awarded for x3 or more matches of the Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols. Medium payouts come from x3 or more matches of the fruit symbols (the orange, the lemon and the watermelon) and the star symbol. X2 or more golden bell or x2 or more red seven symbol matches give the biggest payouts!

How the Jester Creates His Luck

The Jester is usually lucky but how exactly does he create his luck? He gives the same payouts as the red seven (equal highest payouts), except the Jester can only pay with x3 or more symbols. The Jester symbol isn’t just an ordinary symbol, though. He is a Wild symbol! Wild symbols in Novomatic slots (as well as slots from other developers) are able to act as substitute for other symbols.

In Jester’s Luck, the Jester can stand in for any other symbol in the game and will do so when it can contribute to and complete a winning combination of symbols. On top of being able to act as substitute, the Jester symbol can also give you free re-spins and make other symbols Wild, too!

When the Jester lands on the reels, in any position whatsoever, he will stay in place and spin the reels – giving you a free re-spin. If another Jester symbol lands on the reels during a free re-spin, you’ll get another one! The Jester may randomly change any other symbols into Wild symbols after re-spins. When this happens, he will spring out of his box and juggle the symbols! His juggling will reveal which symbol he wants to transform into a Wild. All, if any, of the chosen symbols on the reels will then transform into a Jester and act like Wilds, too, giving out more wins!