Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box
Screenshot Jack in the Box

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

In this slot game, there’s zero chance of you having a dull time! Don’t worry, you won’t turn into Jack as this slot game is all play and no work. From the look of the slot, you won’t believe it was only released a few months ago! Jack in the Box has been designed by Novomatic to look totally vintage. Honestly, this game would not look out of place in any 1980s games arcade.

The logo, the layout and the symbols are all retro. Jack-in-the-box toys originate from the 14th century. So many centuries ago, the devil hid in the box! Now, these toys are usually made with a clown or a jester in the box, who pops up after you wind the box up! Sometimes the boxes also play music, usually the song ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’.

In this Novomatic slot game, the Jack in the Box is a friendly Jester! He’s wearing a very traditional Jester outfit, coloured red and blue with yellow buttons and golden bells. This Novomatic slot game has 5 paylines that run across 3 reels. Each reel has three rows. You can play Jack in the Box for fun and you can also play it for real money.

Check out the best Novomatic Casinos where you can play it for real money by reading our reviews! It’s a good game for beginners as it’s pretty unsophisticated. There are Wild symbols and a special feature that you can trigger on any spin! This slot will be appreciated by Novomatic fans who like to play: Club 2000 Casino, Double Dice, Grand Slam Casino, Random Runner and Hold It.

The Symbols in Jack in the Box

Novomatic’s Jack in the Box is a very standard slot game and so are its symbols! There aren’t any special symbols in this game that you won’t have seen anywhere else. Things like fruits and bells and sevens have become synonymous with casino slots! The first slot machines ever invented used symbols like this and over the years they haven’t changed very much. At least, on the simple slot games they haven’t. The more complicated games do have unique and individual symbols.

In Jack in the Box, the cherries and the half lemon give the smallest payouts. The plum and the orange pay out double these symbols. The grapes give even higher payouts! The watermelon pays more and the red seven pays even more! The red seven is the highest-paying symbol of them all and gives the same payous as the jester, aka the Jack in the Box!

The jester is a Wild symbol, meaning that he can act as substitute for any of the other symbols in the game! Each symbol gives only payout and that’s for three matches (one matching symbol on each reel) across a payline.

There are 5 paylines in total. Paylines 1, 2 and 3 run horizontally across the reels and paylines 4 and 5 run diagonally across the reels. You can gamble your payouts to try and multiply them! You can’t use the gamble game for your wins if you are playing Jack in the Box in autoplay.

The Jack in the Box Feature

There’s one more symbol that we haven’t yet mentioned yet. This is the golden crown symbol. The golden crown symbol doesn’t give payouts but it does something even better! When you spin three of these golden crown symbols in a single spin, you will trigger the Jack in the Box feature! This can give wins equal to any of the symbols (for free) – even the highest paying symbols! Every symbol in this feature is represented by a playing card: cherries = 6, lemon = 7, orange = 8, plum = 9, grapes = 10, watermelon = Jack, red seven = Queen and jester = King.

The feature will start off by showing you three playing cards on the feature screen (just to the right of the reels). The cards will then transform into small bars and you will want to follow the highest-paying symbol (now a bar) wherever it moves.

They will change positions and get moved around, rather like the cup and balls game where you have to keep your eye on the cup that has the ball in it while the ‘magician’ moves it around! When they stop moving, you’ll want to click on the card with the highest value (which should be easy if you’ve been following it correctly) so that you can get the biggest payout! This is really fun and unique feature game that hasn’t been seen on a Novomatic slot before – making it great fun indeed!