Screenshot Helena

The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships!

These days, it's certainly fair to say that we idolize our celebrities. Not only do we keep an eye out for paparazzi shots, but we also follow our most sensational stars on social media. However, back in the day, there was Helena, a woman from Ancient Greece who wielded more power than any of our modern muses. She was rumoured to be the daughter of Zeus and was hailed as the most beautiful woman anyone had ever seen.

That's quite a title to live up to, which is why the illustrious legend of Helen has lived on in the imaginations of the public for thousands of years. This spectacular slot game has captured that special something that Helen possessed, and it has transferred her magnificence unto you. Hey, it's quite a tall order—but someone's got to take it.

Five Fantastically Fun Reels and 10 Terrific Paylines to Amp up the Allure

Not only is Helen the leading lady in this epic saga, but she's also the wildcard. This seems somewhat fitting, as Agamemnon would undoubtedly agree that her wiles were what lead him across the sea in a fit of fury.

When Helen is in the mix with one of your winning combinations, you will find that your excellent fortune may be doubled. If the fates truly align in your favour, you may locate even more luck. After all, when it involves these powerful generous Greek gods, anything can truly happen! Players who have enjoyed slots such as Book of Ra Deluxe, Cupid's Arrow and Crazy Slots are definitely going to get into this game.

How Many Other Slot Games Take Place in a Temple?

When it comes to originality, there is no doubt that Helena holds the trump card. Those who appreciate unique games like Dice Winner, Diamond Street and Diamond 7 will likely get into the spirit of this slot immediately.

It doesn't matter if you're a new player or you've been enjoying slots for decades; this is a game that grabs you with its gripping saga and stunning characters. It entertains those who usually prefer slots like Fruit Drops, Fruit Fortune, Frog Princess and even Flamenco Roses.

Travel back to a time when life was simpler in some ways—and passions ran extremely high! Infuse yourself with the rebellious spirit of Helen, who ran off with her one true love.

Watch out for the Spectacular Sunrise Symbol

If you happen to see three sunrises—and they can appear in any place on the reels—then you will be in for some good fortune by way of free spins. Even though he was probably the last person in the world that ancient fighters wanted to see, Achilles brings great luck when he ends up on the reels.

In fact, both he and Helen reign over the game as the most supreme symbols. Bask in the glow of a Trojan summer, and keep an eye out for those horses! Not only is this game technically excellent but it also captivates its players with its mastery of the storylines that have cemented the status of two great ancient civilizations.

The Designers at Novomatic Casino Have Outdone Themselves with This One

The majestic music plays as you feast your eyes upon the screen. The game shows some of the most stunning graphics in the entire slot world. The magnificent multipliers are what make this game as marvellous as it is. The stately sight of Prince Paris and his love Helen is always appreciated. As far as slot games go, it is difficult to envision one that boasts a better aesthetic than Helena.

Press Autoplay and Light This Saga on Fire

Helen didn't become a legend by playing it safe and neither should you. This exotic game offers you many opportunities to take your skills to the next level. Those who like to dabble in the art of making incredible moves should definitely check out the Gamble option. Allow the bravery of Hector to infuse your spirit as you select a colour—black or red. Which will it be? If you win, there's always the chance that you could double your haul from the most recent game. When you play Helena, it can be said that anything can truly happen.

Invite the Ancient Greeks into Your Living Space

This sensational slot allows you to experience the majesty and mysteriousness of a culture that rivalled our own in its brilliance. With stories like these, it's no wonder that these legends have been passed down for years. In fact, it's probably better to allow all of this drama to unfold on your computer screen, as it would probably be impractical if you were to have an armada of thousands of ships show up.

Helen Was Known for Her Nice Things

As the most beautiful woman in the world, it stands to reason that Helen was accustomed to living in the best places and accumulating the nicest stuff a gal could acquire. Permit this way of life to seep into your very core, and perhaps you will see her magnificence pop up on the reels. When you want to escape to a wealthy, wild culture, it's time to play some Helena.