Haul of Hades

Haul of Hades
Screenshot Haul of Hades

Seeking Out a Slot That Is Devilishly Delightful?

When you are looking for a game that entertains in addition to providing multiple opportunities to win, Haul of Hades is truly your best bet. Travel all the way down to the underworld and claim what is rightfully yours. Along the way, you're sure to do battle with some epic titans.

After all, it's not every day that you get to experience a slot machine that features Zeus and Hades. Beginning with a terrific thunder clap at the very start of the game, the sound effects are unlike anything you've experienced before.

The magnificent music will call to mind an epic action adventure film, and the graphics stand out in bold relief. Flanked by flames on either side, they will always let you know that you are playing with fire when you tangle with Hades—in a good way.

Beware of Bats Flying Across the Top of Your Screen!

When it came to creating an environment that was truly tremendous, the brilliant designers at Novomatic casino didn't skimp on the details. All of the colours are bright and bold, especially for the underworld, with green dominating the scenery.

Those who enjoy slots like Cops N Robbers, Crazy Slots, Dragon's Pearl and Diamond 7 will get a real kick out of this impressively innovative creation. It's so all-encompassing that it feels as though you've actually stumbled into a wormhole that leads to this world. Why not give it a whirl and see what those reels have to deal out today?

Free Spins Are Even an Option in this Breath-taking, Bold Game

With scatters and wilds running amuck in this underworld, you never know what might occur. Of course, you will also see the playing card symbols with which you've become so familiar while playing slots. However, in this game, they are styled a bit differently. Appearing like pieces of a wrought iron fence, these stunning visual delights will bring even more drama and intrigue into a game that is already amazingly appealing and fun.

Curious about Possible Payouts? Check Out the Paytable

If you want to hear the sound of change clanging around in your virtual pocketbook, then it only makes sense to take a look at the handy paytable. Describing how different combinations may play to your benefit, this chart is just one more dazzling detail that will remind you of how amazing Haul of Hades is. As if you needed any more proof, there may even be times when Hades himself lights up your screen.

With a skull popping out that practically looks 3D, there is no mistaking this magical moment. If you happen to line up Zeus in the proper formation, you will also see him in all of his glory—shield and all. As far as imaginative games go, this one goes above and beyond.

Watch Those Reels and Lines Light Up

When you're in the mood for a real experience, Haul of Hades will never fail to impress. Like Dice Winner, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, Fabulous Fruits and Fairy Queen, this is a slot game that truly exudes a sense of style. Fans of Dragon's Wild Fire and Dr. Enlarge O will also undoubtedly find some enjoyment out of this sinister but sweet slot!

Select a Stake and Make It Happen

In this particular underworld, you get to make a lot of the decisions. This even includes a choice of whether or not to gamble your winnings after you've won a round. All you need to do is select a colour—red or black—and see how you might fare down in the underworld. Of course, as with everything else that happens in Haul of Hades, the gamble round is highly stylized. You may even find that the game's namesake pops his head in a few times!

Non-Stop Excitement and Entertainment in the Underworld

If you're very lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the amazing Aphrodite while you're visiting. With her flame-haired appearance, there's no way you could miss her! All of the characters work together to make this an extremely appealing game, so you'll want to set your bets and see what might happen.

In the background, you may hear the sound of a raging fire or the sound of coins clinking. No matter what happens during your trip down to the underworld, you can always bet that you will be massively entertained.

Graphics That Remind You of Why You Love Playing Slots

As soon as you log on for your shot at greatness in Hades, you will immediately recognize why it is that so many slots players have become entranced by this galvanizing game. While the reels spin around and around, you can reflect upon all of the brilliant reasons why this is an ideal slot game. Perfect for players of all types, Haul of Hades combines classic slot elements with a modern aesthetic—and what emerges as a result is pure magic.

With an endless capacity to enthral and engage, this slot game provides a sensational spark that you just can't get from any other game. Raising the bar for what you may think is possible for a slot game, Haul of Hades reigns as the royal guardian of the slot underworld.