Haul of Hades Super Spinner

Haul of Hades Super Spinner
Screenshot Haul of Hades Super Spinner

It’s Four Times as Hot in Hell

Haul of Hades Super Spinner is a new slot from Novomatic that follows on from Haul of Hades. This earlier release was an extremely successful slot based on the Greek God of the Underworld. According to the myth, Hades became God of the Underworld by chance.

He and his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, played the ancient Greek equivalent of drawing straws! Zeus was given the sky; Poseidon was given the sea and Hades was given the underworld. You can see what sort of a toll this job took on him by looking at the graphics in Haul of Hades and Haul of Hades Super Spinner.

He looks tired, scarred and almost half-dead! In this new mythological and dark slot game from Novomatic, Hades is back and he’s scarier than ever. Behind the reels, you can see the flames of hell! Occasionally, a bat flies across the reels as well. These little touches all add to the theme!

Although Haul of Hades Super Spinner is based on the same theme as Haul of Hades, this brand-new game has an epic new feature! Instead of Free Spins, this hellish slot has a Super Spinner feature which activates when you get a big win. The gates of hell open and the reels multiply! For the special feature, you can play on four sets of reels for four times the win!

The God of the Underworld and His Family

The ancient Greek God of the Underworld, Hades, was the grandson of Gaia, the mother of all Gods. He and his siblings were famous! His brothers were Poseidon and Zeus – two Gods whose names are still famous today.

Many of the Greek Gods lived among the people but not Hades. After drawing the short straw, Hades retreated to the underworld to preside over the souls of the dead. You can see his ghastly face in the form of a symbol on these reels. Alongside Hades, there are symbols depicting some of his other, more favourable family members. You will see Aphrodite, Ares and Zeus as well.

The picture symbols of the Greek Gods are the more valuable symbols in the same. Hades of course gives the biggest payouts! For smaller wins, you can match up the card symbols. In Haul of Hades Super Spinner, the card values are as follows: 10, J, Q, K and A. 3 matches of any symbol that land consecutively on a payline will award a payout in this game.

All symbols also award wins for 4 matches and 5 matches. This high RTP video slot has 10 paylines pay from both directions. Matching symbols will pay out from anywhere as long as they follow a payline on successive reel. In the ordinary game, there is no Wild symbol to help you out, so you need to be lucky with your spins! However, you can get Giant Stacked Symbols which can cover entire reels.

Super Spinner Feature

The Super Spinner feature is the real star of this slot game. You will trigger this feature whenever you get a win of at least 4x your bet. When this happens, the reels will quadruple, and you’ll see four sets of reels! Each set of reels has the same number of rows and paylines. However, they spin individually and don’t show the same combinations. It’s all random!

In addition, Wild symbols get added to the reels in this bonus feature. The Haul of Hades Wild can fill in for any symbol, as a substitute. Moreover, if you fill the middle reel, of the first set of reels, with Wild symbols, this Wild reel will copy itself onto the other three sets of reels as well! To play the Super Spinner feature, each spin will cost 4x your bet. Each set of reels will spin separately, one by one.

Depending on how the reels stop, you can get big wins on each set of reels! If you win enough to stay in the Super Spinner feature (at least 4x your bet in credit), you can have another spin. The maximum number of spins you can play at a time is 50, before you go back to the normal game. You can go back to the normal game at any time by choosing to collect your win instead of using it to play the Super Spinner.