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Grand Slam Casino
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Doesn't Every Round Deserve to Be a Grand Slam?

When you want the entire experience of feeling as if you walked into an old-school casino in Las Vegas, you come to Grand Slam Casino. Although this game banks on a retro theme, it is more modern than you can possibly imagine. After all, just the idea of being able to play such a classic game in your own home must spark unbelievably amazing feelings of happiness.

A Vibrant Vintage Game that Sparks an Incredible Amount of Fun

With nine pristine paylines and quite a few ways to win, this stellar slot excels at taking the classic casino experience to the next level. Whether you're after the grand jackpot or you're just enjoying the sight of some grapes lining up, this amazingly accurate rendering of a vintage slot machine will have you excited from the get-go. Ideal for those who regularly play all kinds of slot games, from Dr. Enlarge O to Fruit Sensation, this is one slot game that captures—and then delivers—all that is exciting in the world of slots.

It's All about the Bells and the Max Bets

With this game, the easiest way to strike it rich is line up a bunch of the bells after you have maxed out your bet. Obviously, this is not the kind of play that is for the faint of heart, but players who successfully attract this configuration will find that their payouts increase exponentially. If you have enjoyed the thrills of games like Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, Gemstone Jackpot, Garden of Riches, Diamond Street or even Golden Cobras, then this is your type of game.

Feast your eyes on the ravishing reels and make it happen! It doesn't matter if you are an aficionado who normally only plays Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row, Dutch Fortune or Cupid's Arrow. There is something about this game that is so entrancing and hypnotic you won't be able to stop playing!

Multipliers and the Slot Game Symbols You Have Come to Know and Love

This game boasts a dazzling array of symbols, including the aforementioned bells, in addition to melons, grapes, clovers, strawberries, plums, lemons, oranges and cherries. Obviously, it wouldn't be a retro game without some citrus in there! You will also find potential scatters and mysteries on the paytable, so give it your careful attention when you log on.

The Galvanizing Gamble Feature Makes Another Appearance

Over the years, many Novomatic casino fans have expressed their appreciation for the incredible gamble feature. Offering players the potential to parlay their slots winnings into something even more spectacular, this riveting retro game boasts all kinds of astonishing appeal. If you haven't played it yet, then you owe it to yourself to try it out.

Mystery Prizes up the Ante

This game doesn't just offer a sizzling selection of classic symbols; it also allows you to experience the magic of a few surprises here and there. Revel in the incredible joy of a retro game that also exudes some modern charms. Whenever you happen to capture some great combinations, just wait for the board to work its magic. While the icons that caused your triumph will remain on the board in their bold colours, expect the rest of the reels to turn black and white to emphasize the win. You will then hear some hooting and hollering from the sound effects, which is totally akin to what you might experience in a real-life casino.

Bring the Glamorous Casino Vibe into Your Own Home

Offering you a portal into an elegant and refined way of doing things, Grand Slam Casino possesses everything you need to experience pure bliss while playing. Don't be afraid to dance to the marvellous music while you enjoy the pristine pureness of all the symbols. For a moment, you may even feel as if you have travelled back in time. For those who truly appreciate the history of slot machines, this action-packed game will represent a return to endless entertainment and good times. Those who are new to slots will appreciate the clean design and wholesome vibe of Grand Slam Casino, which offers up the kind of experience you can't find anywhere else.

Sensational Sound Effects and an Aesthetic that Just Won't Quit

While the bright, bold colours will draw you into this game, it is the unique sound effects that will keep you playing for a long time. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that so many slots aficionados have added this game to their regular repertoires. Take a tantalizing trip into the past and try Grand Slam Casino for yourself. You won't even need a time machine to get a kick out of all the best symbols from the hallowed history of casinos!