Screenshot Gorilla

The King of the Jungle Is Here to Help You Win!

Straight out of the pristine paradise of Novomatic casino emerges a charming champion who is all about helping you get to the next level! This gregarious gorilla in the Gorilla slot serves as the centrepiece which has won acclaim for its dazzling design and sizzling sound effects. Every piece of the game meshes perfectly to make for a memorable experience that will provide endless enjoyment.

It's Your Duty to Heed the Call of the Wild

On this island, you'll always have a distinct feeling that you're being watched. Perhaps humans may have inhabited it at some point. This is why the golden Wild mask may appear at any time, beckoning your good fortune to make an appearance. Players who enjoy the adrenaline rush of games such as Fabulous Fruits, Fairy Queen and Fire Starter are sure to roar with delight whenever they log on for a session of Gorilla.

A Game That Thrills Both New Players and Seasoned Pros Alike

In this game, the artistry is truly on the next level. With a whopping 132 different ways players can stake a spin, it's no wonder that Gorilla has become incredibly popular. With regulars who normally play Flame Dancer, Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Frogs Fairy Tale and Diamond 7 coming over to give Gorilla a shot, this slot game is something extraordinary.

Every time you play, you will get a rush from seeing the incredibly crisp graphics. From parrots to flower blossoms, all types of icons will make a bold debut onto these reels.

The Scatter Symbol is Emblazoned with the Shape of Africa

For those who have always wanted to explore Africa, this game provides the ideal experience. Indulge yourself in the mystery and mysticism of a far-off island that exists just off the coast of this beautiful continent.

If you feel as if time is getting in the way, press the Automatic button and allow everything to unfold naturally. Revel in the delightful feeling of visiting an exotic area that no other human being knows about. Experiencing the majesty of these wonderful wild creatures out in the splendour of their element. If you like the atmosphere in Helena, Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row or even Cupid's Arrow, then this game is likely to persuade your wild side to emerge.

It's all about the Brilliant Bonus Games in this Slot

When you play Gorilla, what you see is not necessarily all that you will get. With all of the wildly fascinating extra features, chances are that you will get a lot of enjoyment out of this game. Catching a glimpse of beautiful wildflowers, a gorilla family or even some of the lovely birds will be advantageous, so you will want to keep an eye out for these special symbols—at all times.

Scattered Sunsets Can Win You Money and Even Trigger Some Free Games!

In this particular game, the sunsets are most definitely on your side. Find the gold, and look out for all of the icons that can bring you closer to a lucky streak. These gorillas are known to incite all kinds of magic, so you won't want to put anything past them. Even the playing card symbols in this game are so delightfully decorated that you will want to shout for joy.

Let the Gorilla Inspire You: Dominate Your Territory

Weighing up to 175 kilograms, gorillas tend to establish themselves as the leaders in any land they inhabit. Take a note from their bold book, and don't be afraid to act as an intrepid explorer. Once you click on the start button, you never know what may happen. For those who are new to the game, there's no need to hesitate. At the bottom right side, you see all kinds of icons that help and assist you in understanding the game.

Spending Time with Gorillas in the Wild

Chances are that you wouldn't necessarily be welcomed into a group of gorillas if you were to meet them in the wild. Fiercely loyal to their families, these amazing animals are extremely protective. For this reason, it's probably better to befriend these giants through a screen, as opposed to real life! Gorilla the game will give you all the thrills and chills of meeting up with these incredible creatures—without any of the awkwardness of meeting them in their habitats.

Gorgeous Graphics and Sound Effects that Don't Stop

With this incredible game, you will probably forget that you're in your own environment—and not the beautiful plains of Africa. There's something so intrinsically enveloping about this game that you won't be able to stop playing—nor will you want to! Boasting stunning imagery and a sensational soundtrack, this non-stop entertaining game is designed to keep you in awe.

From the beautiful artistic detail on the gorillas to the voraciously bright flowers. There is no detail that has been overlooked in this amazing achievement of a slot game. Players benefit from a game that possesses all of the necessary qualities to create a worthwhile experience. When you want to unlock the serendipitous secrets of one of nature's most majestic mammals, it's time to check out Gorilla for yourself.