Golden Ark

Golden Ark
Screenshot Golden Ark

A Slot Game That Will Appeal to the Explorer in You

These days, it pays to travel the world in search of something special. When you play Golden Ark, you will find yourself encountering all kinds of amazing artefacts. From the brilliant minds at Novomatic casino, this game was built for those who possess a streak of wanderlust and a keen sense of adventure.

When you're playing Golden Ark, you'll become so enveloped in the game that it may even feel as though you've escaped through some kind of a time portal. Fans of games like Book of Ra Deluxe, Cops 'n Robbers Millionaires Row, Crazy Slots and Cupid's Arrow are sure to gain a quick appreciation of this slot, which boasts gripping graphics and sweet sound effects that really pull you into the game and make you feel as if you've travelled back in time.

Hop on This Epic Journey: No Time Machine Necessary

There is no doubt that Golden Ark contains some of the most stunning iconography you'll see in a slot game. In this game, all that glitters actually is gold! Don't be shy about getting in there and taking a look at these brilliant hieroglyphs, many of which are magnificently mysterious.

Not only will you see some of your favourite, familiar playing card icons like you've never seen them before, but you'll also have the chance to listen to some stunning sound effects. This game almost makes you feel as if you've stumbled upon an ancient tomb that hasn't been disturbed for thousands of years—and it's your job to make sure everything is lined up properly.

Sights and Sounds That Were Made to Inspire and Innovate

Against a backdrop of pristine pyramids, this is a slot game that offers an intense experience that you will never forget. Escape across the sands of time into a world that is truly unlike any other. Your time playing Golden Ark will undoubtedly prove magical. Those who have enjoyed getting in a few rounds of Elven Princess, Dancing Dragons, Dice Winner and Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy will appreciate all of the good times that this game provides.

With expanding wilds, wilds that take on the appearance of a mysterious ancient tome and scattered symbols to boot, Golden Ark is a slot game in which anything truly can—and does—happen. Powered by an unstoppable, special kind of spirit, this slot is chockfull of charm. It doesn't matter if you're accustomed to other slots like Diamond 7, Dragon's Pearl and Dragon's Mystery; this is one spectacular slot that you've got to try at least a few times.

The Possibility of Fabulous Free Spins Awaits You

When you're playing this game, the eye of Horus is a very good thing. You might see it crop up with a jewel at the very centre, and you may also see a female explorer with a braid make a triumphant debut on the reels. With so many powerful symbols in play, it's no wonder that Golden Ark has attracted such a loyal fan base. Of course, the free spins only add to the drama and intrigue.

If you're fortunate enough to nab a few of these, then you will be a very lucky player indeed. In this game, even the playing card symbols resemble decadent delights that would grace only the most extraordinary temples in the land. The rich, beautiful colours practically burst off of the screen as you spin, reminding you of the untold wealth of some of these famous ancient civilizations. With so many fascinating features, this slot game is a real original.

Too Excited to Keep Hitting the Start Button? Check Out the Autoplay Option

When you're caught up in the heat of the moment, the last thing you'll want to do is worry about pressing the start button over and over again. Luckily, the convenient Autoplay option provides you with the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy a land that is definitely off the beaten path. Some of the solid gold graphics in this game, as well as the rousing sound effects, will keep you endlessly entertained as you try your luck with the ancients.

Walk Like an Egyptian...and Into Some Really Good Luck Along the Way!

In this slot, you can expect to see everything from beautiful golden books to spectacular scarabs that flutter open. Anything is possible in this exotic, plentiful land. Revel in the ruby-coloured King symbols, look out for the stunning sarcophagus and dance along to the mysterious music as it engulfs you, inviting you to step into this sacred place.

With a bevy of beaded baubles and an aesthetic that will make you long for the good old days of the Egyptian empire, this slot is visually vibrant in a way that you won't often see.

Cast Yourself in this Amazing Adventure—and See What Happens!

Any great explorer knows that it's up to them to design their own experience. When you are playing Golden Ark, you will definitely luxuriate in the spark of sensational adventure that you find. There's always room for some more excitement with this slot and you will gaze upon the gold with happiness and a sense of wonderment. With a knack for non-stop fun, this is the very rare type of slot that manages to create awe.