Gemstone Jackpot

Gemstone Jackpot
Screenshot Gemstone Jackpot

A Bevy of Baubles Offered up by Novomatic Casino

There are few things in the world that are as compelling as a gemstone. Placed into some of the most ornate and majestic pieces of jewellery that our world has to offer, it's not surprising that many civilizations have attributed mysterious, mystical qualities to these stones. Gemstone Jackpot is a slot game that capitalizes upon the potent power possessed by these spectacular stones, and it is ideal for both newer players and those who have been hitting the slots for a long time!

Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds and More!

It doesn't matter if you're a certified gemmologist or know nothing about gemstones; at the end of the day, capturing these rare elements means that you are someone special—and you may even have some money coming your way! In this game, the sound effects make you feel as if you open up a secret, hidden diamond vault or safe deposit box.

There's no doubt that this will be the most intriguing part of your day and the sooner you try this sensational slot, the faster you'll be able to rack up some amazing experiences.

Gorgeous Gemstones and Even Some Possibilities for High Rollers

With ten tantalizing paylines and five reels, this game is perfect for both jazzed-up jewellers and those who can't even tell the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia! Allow the captivating colours to capture your heart and dazzle your mind. The ravishing rubies will set your heart afire and the terrific topaz is also a great place to land.

In the Tradition of Great Games Involving Gorgeous Gemstones

Of course, this isn't the only gemstone game for which Novomatic has attracted attention. Those who love the allure of beautiful bling should check out games such as Diamond 7, Diamond Street, Diamonds of Fortune, Dazzling Diamonds and Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe and because the gemstone is a classic casino symbol, these Novomatic games are sure to please.

Of course, slots like Dragon's Wild Fire, Dragons Mystery, Dice Winner, Happy Fruits and Flame Dancer have also claimed their rightful place as great games that should not be missed.

The Stakes Are All Up to You

When you're trying to stumble upon this treasure trove of fabulous gems, it makes sense that you'd like to do it your way. Unlike so many other slots, Gemstone Jackpot provides you with the opportunity to make your own stakes. Whether you want to go big or start off small, this slot allows you to customize your preferences accordingly. For those who like to leave the house dripping in jewels, it always appreciates this kind of autonomy.

Curious to See How Your Rubies and Emeralds Might Combine?

When you play Gemstone Jackpot, everything is out in the open. On the bottom left side of your screen, you've got a few options that will make your time playing even better. For those who don't feel like pushing the start button every time they venture into this particular diamond mine, the Autostart button is always handy.

Those who would like to explore how all of the different mixes play out just need to click on the Paytable button. Letting you know how each stone stands, the pay chart will give you something to wish for every time you spin those reels!

Bet Four or Bet 10,000—This Slot Is Sensational Either Way

With features that are universally loved by all who play it, this glittering, glimmering slot game is a sparkling sight for sore eyes. Whether you're playing after a long day at work or you're settling in for an extended session, Gemstone Jackpot will always bring some excitement into your life.

Revel in the ravishing rubies, elegant emeralds, sophisticated sapphires and terrific topaz for as long as you'd like; since this game can provide entertainment for hours, you're bound to get a real rush from it. Keep an eye out for the amazing amethysts, and always be on the lookout for those dazzling diamonds that can truly make your experience incredible.

What Could Be Better Than a Beautiful Jackpot Filled with Gemstones?

The stakes couldn't be any higher than they are in this slot game. With so many incredible options on the line, you will feel as if you have hit the jackpot every single time you play. Indulge yourself in the incredible experience of this game, which is always riveting and action-packed.

The spectacular sound effects will keep you entranced as the reels continue to reveal compelling combinations. When you're playing Gemstone Jackpot, surprises can pop out from any direction. Allow yourself to luxuriate in the innovative intensity of this unique game, which takes a classic slot theme and expands it with ingenuity and a sense of adventurous inventiveness.

There's nothing quite like this slot, which seeks to unleash a chic, sleek new way of admiring your favourite gems. After you've been playing for a while, you will learn to look forward to seeing the words "Lock and Spin".

Seeing your best baubles behind bars has never been such an exciting prospect, and chances are that you will enjoy the look and sound this slot very much. Dive into uncharted territory, and give yourself a chance to score sensational sparklers that will light up your life.