Gems Wild Tiles

Screenshot Gems Wild Tiles

A Gemtastic Tumbling Slot Game

This is a unique-style slot game from Novomatic, quite like Bling Bling Wild Tiles. Unlike an ordinary slot game with reels and paylines, you play Gems Wild Tiles on a grid-style set of reels. The grid is 5x columns and 5x rows. It’ll remind you of Tetris and all of those other simple, jewel-themed puzzle games you used to play on your PC.

Instead of spinning the reels to reveal new symbols, the gems will tumble into place each round. The ‘skin’ of this game is very typically Novomatic. The style of the button, the settings and the paytable are all the same as their other slot games. Anyone who’s looking for a trip down PC-game memory lane will enjoy Gems Wild Tiles, as will any player who likes Novomatic games!

This online casino game is a feast for the eyes! The gems have bright colours and would fetch a pretty penny if they were put up for sale! There are emeralds, diamonds, rubies, sapphires – you name the gem, you’ll see it in Gems Wild Tiles! Bets are flexible in this game and you can gamble wins. You can also play in auto mode by enabling the autoplay function.

At NovomaticCasino.co.uk, you can play this for fun – along with the majority of their other slots, table games, jackpot games and live games. If you try out Gems Wild Tiles and enjoy it, then why not test out: Sparkling Gems, Plenty of Jewels 20 Hot, Sizzling Gems, Dazzling Diamonds, Gemstone Jackpot and Jewel Action.

The Wild Gems of Gems Wild Tiles

The gem symbols in this game are wild – they really do have a mind of their own! You never know where they are going to fall or how they are going to behave. That’s the fun of the game! If you could predict how a slot game was going to be before you played it, it wouldn’t be any fun at all.

The thrill comes from pressing the button and watching the symbols spin or tumble before your eyes. In Gems Wild Tiles, it will come as no surprise to you when you learn that all of the symbols are gem stones! The least valuable of which is the blue sapphire.

The yellow sapphire pays double the blue sapphire and gives almost the same wins as the pink sapphire! Who knew sapphires could come in so many different colours! More valuable than the sapphires are the ruby symbols.

There’s a single ruby symbol and a double ruby symbol. The emerald is worth even more and this also comes as a single symbol and a double symbol. The diamond is by far the most valuable gem symbol in this game!

Get Yourself Some Wild Wins in Gems Wild Tiles

This Novomatic game has a pretty decent payout percentage. The slot has low volatility and so you’ll see the wins coming in thick and fast. Every round, you can press start to set the gemstones tumbling (or this will happen automatically if you are playing in autoplay). Once all of the gems have fallen into place and the 5x5 grid is full, you will (hopefully) start getting payouts!

Payouts are given for every set of three symbols that match up and fall next to each other on the reels. They will need to land next to one another either horizontally or vertically, anywhere on the grid. Diagonal matches don’t pay out, unfortunately.

The rubies and the emeralds pay out even when a line of three is made up of a mix of double and single symbols – as long as they’re all the same colour gem! Every time you line up 3 (horizontally or vertically), the symbols involved will disappear, leaving a Wild symbol in the middle space! This will create gaps in the grid, as the remaining symbols continue to tumble, without being replaced.

Either the background is plain black or the word BONUS will be written down one of the columns. As the symbols match up, give wins, disappear and tumble, the grid background will become more and more visible. If you clear the whole thing (the entire 5x5 grid), you’ll get an extra special win! If you manage to clear an entire column that reads the word BONUS, a bonus game will be triggered.

The Bonus Game in Gems Wild Tiles

The Gems Wild Tiles bonus game is played on an even bigger grid. This bonus grid is a whopping 7x5 tiles big! You can’t see the gems in this bonus game, and every position is instead covered by a big question mark. Before you spin the reels and start the tumble, the game will tell you how many symbols you have to match up to get the win for that round. Sometimes it’s only two, sometimes it’s four – maybe more!

Then, you can start clicking on the question marks to reveal the gems underneath and see if you manage to pick the right number of matches to get the win! If you do, you’ll be awarded the win and you get another go and a new round. The bonus game will end (and you’ll go back to the normal game) if you fail to make the right number of matches in a round.