Fruit Fall

Fruit Fall
Screenshot Fruit Fall

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

This slot, brought to you by NovomaticCasino.co.uk, is shimmering and glittering all over. It has been wonderfully designed and the added glamorous twists that have been given to the symbols you’ve come to know and love make this fruity slot extra special.

Among the array of familiar symbols are the golden star and the golden bell – but they’re not all that’s gold in this online slot! In Fruit Fall, the fruits and the red seven come with gold! Some, like the plum and the grapes have golden leaves and the others, including the lemon and the orange, are positively gleaming with a golden glow! The Wild symbols in Fruit Fall sparkle just as brightly so you won’t need to worry about missing these lucky blue and pink gems!

Fruit Fall for All

With 5 reels and 20 paylines, Fruit Fall is an excellent game for slots aficionados who are looking for something retro but not completely basic. It’s also great for anyone new to the world of online slots who’s looking to upgrade from something totally beginner level!

It’s simple and easy to play, yet far from boring. Your balance shows clearly at all times at the bottom left of the screen, and your winnings are always visible on the right. In the middle you’ll find your bet amount and you can easily increase or decrease this by using the plus and minus buttons to either side of it.

Once you get used to the game and you feel comfortable with your bet, you can use the ‘autoplay’ feature. No more clicking, just sit back, relax and watch those wins happen before your very eyes! All you have to do is get 3 matching symbols to fall in a winning payline, on consecutive reels from left to right.

A Fruit Fall like the Niagara Falls

If the Niagara Falls had a soundtrack and showered down fruit from the cliff’s edge, it would sound and look a lot like Fruit Fall. Unlike many other generic slots, this fruity gem has its own funky, samba-style music that will get you straight-up boogieing in your seat. It’s so uplifting and, added together with the ‘wow’ sound effect each time you get a pay out, it won’t be long after you start playing Fruit Fall that you realise you have a huge, happy smile on your face!

Instead of water, though, this slot showers you with fruit. The Wild symbols, the blue and pink diamonds, are extra special. Not only do they substitute for any of the other symbols, but they can also trigger something very special: the cascade feature! Every time the reels fall in your favour and a winning combination includes either of the Wild symbols, the cascade feature will begin its magic!

During the cascade mode, the winning symbols disappear and new symbols fall in their place. As long as winning combinations keep falling, the symbols will keep cascading! What’s even more special is that each and every time a pink Wild symbol falls on the reels, the game multiplies your winnings. The multiplier inby 1 each time a pink jewel falls – all the way up to a multiplier of 5!

There’s More to Life Than Golden Fruit in Fruit Falls

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