Fruit Drops

Fruit Drops
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You're Going to Want this Fruit to Drop Into Your Lap!

Whether you prefer your fruit fresh from the orchard or you like getting it from the farmer's market, Fruit Drops is a sensational, sugary sweet treat that you are going to love. This spectacular slot benefits from all of the incredible artwork that went into it, as well as its subtle simplicity and elegance.

Straight from the talented team at Novomatic casino, this ingenious game proves that you don't need to come up with fancy new themes to make a fun game. In fact, the tried-and-true fruit symbols from classic slots meccas such as Las Vegas can actually provide a lot of fun for players.

10 Paylines to Put a Smile on Your Face and Create Fun

There is no doubt that Fruit Drops is a very aesthetically pleasing game with a lot of fantastic features. Let's start with the paytable, which allows players to see what they can win, as well as how a great game might line up.

You will see that, as per usual, the number seven takes the fruitcake when it comes to the pay chart. Players who score a number of these numerals in the right positions can bank on a hefty payday. However, all is not lost when it comes to the other incredible icons of this game.

Plums, Grapes, Melons, Cherries, Oranges and Lemons

If the fruits and vegetables food group is one of your favourites, then you're going to love every second of this game. Serving up extra helpings of your most loved food items, Fruit Drops is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat—every step of the way. Strive for even more sugary fun when you activate the "Lock and Drop" feature.

Did you catch a winning combination? If so, you may be in great luck. With the "Lock and Drop" feature, you may find that the reels have spun again, offering you an even more fruity and fortuitous triumph than before. Setting this slot game apart with its brilliance, the "Lock and Drop" feature is not to be missed. If you haven't experienced this feature before, then you will definitely want to hit the start button and start playing.

Why Not Hit Autostart and Make Things Move Even Faster?

There's nothing quite like the magic of making the fruit move fast, so why not try it? Once you hit Autostart, you allow yourself to enjoy the game without hitting the start button every few seconds. Boasting so many ways to personalize your play, Fruit Drops may prove better than a popsicle on a warm summer's day.

A Slot Game that Is Perfect for Players of All Levels

It doesn't matter if you are new to slots or you've been playing them for several decades; Fruit Drops is a game that is bound to provide endless excitement for you.

If you are a fan of other fruit-themed games such as Fruit Sensation, Fruits N Royals, Fabulous Fruits, Fruits n Sevens and Fruit Fall, then this game will be immediately appealing to you. However, many slots aficionados have claimed that it is universally "a-peel-ing", so even those who usually play games like Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row, Dutch Fortune, Cupid's Arrow, Flame Dancer and Dr. Enlarge O will get into the fruity spirit of things.

The Possibility of Matching-Up a Whopping 15 Symbols

Very few games offer the opportunity to have fruit take over the entire board, but this game is different. With magnificent multipliers and sensational stakes that can cater to your specific wants and needs, Fruit Drops is truly an elegant and exceptional game. While it does make use of a classic casino trope, this slot manages to put an entirely unique spin on it!

You May Even See the Fruit Get Messy!

These great graphics can get wild at times, especially when the "Lock and Drop" feature has been activated. You may see that fabulous fruit doing things you never imagined were possible before. Of course, the Gamble option is another fantastic feature that players universally admire when it comes to Novomatic casino games. All you have to do is pick a card, and then you will know whether or not you've struck it big.

Fruit Drops That Dazzle and Delight

When these fabulous fruits drop into your life, you are going to thank your lucky stars. Not only are they beautiful and effortlessly charming, but they also come with fun sound effects and amazing action. When you hop on this particular fruit train, chances are that you are never going to want to hop off. Revel in these riveting reels and the beautiful bounty that Mother Nature has provided to us when it comes to fantastic fruit!