Frog Princess

Frog Princess
Screenshot Frog Princess

It's Time for More Royal Fun in the Forest

When you want to play a slot game that is both magical and mystical, it's time to check out Frog Princess and see what happens. Created by the brilliant team at Novomatic casino, this game is full of elegant enchantments that you can unlock. The Wild crown is just one of them. Allowing you to participate in a fairy tale world that is more exciting than you can imagine, the Frog Princess herself invites you to play in her wonderful world.

A Paytable that Describes How All of Your favourite Combinations Play Out

If this is your first time in the forest, then chances are that you want to know how things work around here. By clicking the paytable, you will see that, after the crown, the princess pays out quite nicely. Other canny characters include the frog, the bug, the blossom and the playing card symbols. You may be surprised to discover that the scatter symbol looks like a well! In truth, anything can happen when you step into this enchanted land. It's the frog princess's world; we just live in it. Luckily, there are even descriptions of the way that the different win lines work. These froggy royals want you to understand every aspect of this amazing slot.

Princes Wanted

On the right side of your screen, you may see the sign that princes are wanted. This must mean that the frog princess is looking for a special someone. Maybe it's you! The only way to find out for sure is to click that start button and see what happens. With five reels that light up whenever you get some excitement going, it couldn't be easier to get the gist of this game. After all, the symbols that you don't need will turn black and white!

Bright Colours and Bold Characters Abound in This Enchanted Land

There's something so thrilling about traveling to an entire new type of landscape, so you are going to love Frog Princess from the get-go. Fans of Frogs Fairy Tale, Fabulous Fruits, Fruit Sensation and Fruits N Royals will get a "reel" kick out of this amazing adventure. Don't boil frog legs—play Frog Princess and enjoy them that way!

Lively Music and Sound Effects in this Captivating Forest

The spectacular setting of this game is sure to immediately foster good feelings about the frog kingdom. Those who enjoy games such as Dr. Enlarge O, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, Cupid's Arrow, Crazy Slots, Helena and Haul of Hades are all going to want to dance with the frog princess and experience everything that her majesty has to offer. In a world that is so often plagued by the ordinary, this is one slot game that provides thrills and chills for days.

Ribbit! It's Time to Play This Frog-tabulous Slot!

With an amazing kind of artwork that pulls in all types of players, Frog Princess is wonderfully entertaining and if you happen to luck into a bonus spin, then you can expect even more stellar surprises coming your way. Click on a basket and see what you uncover. You may find a sapphire, diamond, ruby, amethyst or emerald. If you happen to match up a few of these gemstones that you found in the garden, then your luck will expand even more. Although the frog princess is looking for someone special, she can also be incredibly generous.

Everyone Likes the Gamble Option in the Frog Kingdom

You will be happy to know that one of Novomatic's most popular features—the gamble button—is alive and thriving in the enchanted land of the frog princess. If you're interesting in making even more out of your winnings, then click it and make a selection. You never know; you may be able to multiply your fabulous fortune!

Don't Count out the Power of Frogs

Perhaps there is a reason why these animals have reigned as cartoon favourites for so many years. With a seemingly endless amount of charm and fabulous features, frogs have captured a special place in humans' hearts for a long time. Perhaps it shouldn't come as a big shock that they're now serving up more fun than ever—on the reels. Indeed, frog games seem to have become the hot new slots. If you're interested in tracking the trend and seeing what's happening in the world of these captivating creatures, there's no better way than to play this game.

A Bright and Happy Game That Lets You Stake Your Own Wagers

When it comes to this game, you can personalize everything and make this frog kingdom your own. After all, what's the use of an enchanted forest if you can't make it work in your favour? Frog Princess will prove to you that fairy tales really do come true.