Forest Guardian

Forest Guardian
Screenshot Forest Guardian

Novomatic is the Guardian of this Enchanted Slot Game

Enter Novomatic’s most enchanting slot game yet! This developer is known for making excellent slot games. Normally their games aren’t very advanced or complicated but they are so fun to play because they actually pay out!

Novomatic chooses quality over fancy graphics and features every time. Having said that, in Forest Guardian, Novomatic have managed to make a brand-new slot game look modern, have modern graphics, yet still keep all of Novomatic’s essence and charm.

In Forest Guardian, Novomatic take you deep into the heart of an enchanted forest. It’s twilight and hardly any light penetrates through the trees and onto the forest floor. The forest is instead lit up by the beautiful fireflies that can be seen buzzing all around. The trees look magical! This forest could definitely be the setting of a wonderful adventure story!

This slot game has an RTP that’s above average for Novomatic games, too. Although it’s not simple, it’s still a good game for slot novices. In fact, not many of Novomatic’s games are too over-complicated. The majority are easy to understand and fun to play. Better yet, Novomatic games pay! The design of the background and the symbols is so delightful and intricate, slot fans everywhere will really enjoy spinning these reels.

The Beautiful Forest Guardian and Her Companions

The Forest Guardian is a beautiful pixie-like creature, she has bright blue eyes and black and white hair adorned with flowers from the forest. She is the highest-paying symbol on the reels of this slot game! Unusually for a Novomatic slot, there aren’t any playing card values on the reels. All of the symbols are themed and as beautifully designed as the Forest Guardian.

There’s a wise owl, a cute squirrel, a friendly frog, some mystic mushrooms, an acorn and some pretty flowers. There’s also a candle and a symbol showing two bubbling, magical potions.

All of the symbols in Forest Guardian start to give payouts from three matches and the highest-payouts are given with five matches. Payout amounts will correspond to your bet; the more you bet, the bigger the payouts will be.

You can see payout information on the paytable (relevant to the bet you have set). There are 25 paylines in Forest Guardian and they run left to right across the reels. The way to get payouts is to spin the reels and land enough matching symbols (3 or more) on the right positions on the reels.

The first matching symbol needs to land on reel 1 (the leftmost reel) and the other matches then have to land consecutively (on adjacent reels), following the path of a payline. You can open the paytable to view the paths that the paylines take and all 25 are always active.

Wild Wins and Free Games in Forest Guardian

In this Novomatic slot game, the Forest Guardian has a little helper. Her helper is a pretty little butterfly. The butterfly is usually sleeping somewhere at the bottom of the reels but every so often, the butterfly wakes up to do something extra special! The butterfly flutters across the reels and drops one or more Wild symbols onto the reels. These Wild symbols show a magical tree! This tree covers the entire reel it lands on, turning all three positions into Wild symbols!

The Wild symbol will help give you wins as it can behave like any other symbol. For example, if you have two owl symbols following a payline on reels 1 and 2 and the butterfly drops a Wild symbol onto reel 3, the Wild symbol will complete the win for you and get you that payout!

The butterfly and the Wild symbols can also randomly trigger 5 Free Games, except they won’t do it every time. There is no special feature active during the Free Games but you can still get some great wins and you won’t have to spend your bet for five spins! Forest Guardian has autoplay and gamble features.