Screenshot Faust

Are You Ready to Be Made an Offer You Can't Refuse?

If you're familiar with the legend of Faust, then you're bound to be intrigued by this sensational slot. Making a deal with the devil, this German scholar battled with good and evil, then ultimately met his fate. Luckily for you, there is no need to make such dastardly deals when you're playing this slot. All you need to do is log on for a game or two, and see what happens!

Play this Slot and Avoid Falling into Faust's Fate

Why make deals with shadowy figures when all you need to do to have fun is play this game? There's something so addictive about the gothic font, compelling characters and sensational symbols. With 10 pristine paylines and five riveting reels, this game is definitely more heavenly than hellish!

Backlit Playing Card Symbols and More Delights Await You

When you're playing this slot, you may notice some of your most favourite, familiar slot themes. All of your playing cards will be there waiting for you, but they'll appear somewhat more sinister than the cards to which you're accustomed. There's never a dull moment in this slot, which also boasts sweet sound effects. In the backdrop of the game, you'll be able to see the beakers and burners that bored the would-be alchemist Faust before he decided to take a turn for the dark side.

Check Out the Paytable and See if It Pays to Sell Your Soul!

If you'd like to see what persuaded Faust to surrender his soul, then you will definitely want to click on the paytable at the bottom of your screen. Once you do, you will see that the devil himself serves as the scatter symbol in this ghoulish game. Not only does he substitute for a whole bevy of other icons, but his presence could also lead to some fabulous free spins and an expanding icon. Other icons that pay extremely well include the beautiful maiden, as well as Faust's face. The scales that represent good and evil are also in the mix, so be on your guard when you survey this scene.

A Slot Game that Appeals to Both Saints and Sinners

When you play this slot, it doesn't matter if you're a newer player or more of a seasoned old hand. Everyone is welcome and everyone can profit from the special spirits in this game. From the visuals to the sound effects, the designers at Novomatic casino didn't waste a single detail when they constructed this bedazzled and brilliant amusement. With fans who regularly play Cupid's Arrow, Dolphins Pearl Deluxe, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy and Dr. Enlarge O, the bar has been set very high for this particular slot. Boasting a certain kind of churlish charm, the devil in this game seems bound and determined to help players get what they want. The best part, however, is that there's no need to acquiesce to his demands for your soul! Just spin the reels and call it a day.

Hit Autoplay When You Want to Sit Back and Enjoy the Game

The autoplay feature on this game allows players to enjoy all of the vibrant visuals. Fans of Helena, Fire Starter, Lucky Lady's Charm, Crazy Slots and Frog Princess have grown particularly fond of this spectacular slot. With a passion for pulling you in, this devilishly dazzling game is always a thrill. Whenever you feel like playing, simply log on and see what's happening in the fight between good versus evil.

You Don't Have to Follow Faust's Example to Have Fun and Maybe Win

Although Faust made the ultimate sacrifice to achieve his dreams of gaining material possessions, there is no need for you to follow in his footsteps. When you're playing this namesake slot, you've got lots of chances to seek out some cash—without having to worry about paying the ultimate price! Indeed, the gorgeous graphics will draw you in and make you want to play with gusto.

You Don't Even Have to Read a Book to Test Out this Tantalizing Game

Scholars may have debated and discussed the fable of Faust for centuries now, but you won't need any special degrees or certificates to play this extraordinary game. Just log on and see what happens when you spin the reels. A few sinister stakes might earn you some serious luck, but it's up to you to see how your fate combines with that of the famous scholar Faust. Once you click the start button, you may be surprised by how quickly things progress.

Possible Jackpot Multipliers and More

As everyone knows, the devil can be an unpredictable character. While you're playing this slot game, you may even learn to enjoy his uncanny ways. Settle in for an exciting time, because there's no doubt that you will be amused by Faust and all of his curious friends. If you're like Faust and looking to infuse your everyday life with a shot of adrenaline, then play this slot instead of making any deals with shadowy figures. After all, Faust is truly a win-win. The alternatives might be a bit sinister, so your best option is probably to see what kind of fantastical fortune this slot game may hold for you.