Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen
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Do You Believe in Magical Creatures?

In recent years, it's fair to say that fairies—or faeries, as they're sometimes called—have experienced quite a riveting resurgence. These captivating creatures and their secret hideaways have been discussed for centuries. Now, with the Fairy Queen slot game, players can get up close and personal with these magical beings. Who knows what will happen next?

A Magical, Mystical Wonderland Filled with the Beauty of Mother Nature

When you log on to play with these fabulous fairies, one of the first thing you'll notice is probably the spectacular setting. After all, enchanted creatures can't live just anywhere; they need to inhabit a place that is known for its bountiful beauty. In Fairy Queen, they have found it. This astoundingly amazing slot game is heralded for its charm and aesthetic appeal, which you'll be able to experience immediately.

10 Paylines and Five Reels Are in this Forest

Even the playing card icons take on a certain kind of otherworldly appearance in this game, sparkling and shimmering against the dark backdrop. If any of your results happen to include the beautiful flaxen-haired Fairy Queen herself, then you can expect to see her entire face undergo a transformation. With a wink and a smile, she will make it known why she is the greatest queen in all the land.

Dragons, Toadstools, Eccentric Elves and More

Although the queen of the fairies may rule over the forest, she is far from the only magical being to inhabit it. Luckily for players of this game, these wonderful woodlands are filled to the brim with exotic, mysterious creatures of all kinds. Although the sound effects may be somewhat similar to what you can expect from other games, the vibrant visuals stand will stand out in any line-up.

Ideal for Seasoned Slots Veterans and Newer Players

As far as exciting slots games go, Fairy Queen has attracted a great number of fans. Those who usually play Crazy Slots, Cupid's Arrow, Dutch Fortune, Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row and Helena have praised its easy interface and winning wonderment. If you've ever checked out slots such as Fabulous Fruits, Grand Slam Casino, Dr. Enlarge O or Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, then you've got to give this game a shot. With a fabulous flair you can't find anywhere else, it has truly hit the magical mark.

A Gamble Feature that Lets You Go up to 5X

One of the things that people love most about playing a Novomatic casino slot game is that there is usually a gamble feature available. Allowing them to parlay their winnings into even more success, it's not a surprise that this option is so wildly popular. However, on Fairy Queen, the prospect of triumph is even more compelling because the gamble feature in this game allows you to multiply your win by 5X, it means that this truly is an enchanted game. Choose red or choose black, and see what sort of fantastical future awaits you!

It's All About the Fairy Queen Herself

If you click on the incredibly handy paytable, you will be able to easily see how all of the symbols stack up in this game. Boasting the ability to substitute for all the symbols, aside from scatters, this fairy queen is indeed quite powerful! Speaking of scatters, this incredible icon features a fabulous forest full of foliage—in a golden hue. However, there's a lot more to this game than scatters. If you're lucky, you may even be able to spot a gnome or a tiny purple dragon! With so much to offer, this striking slot is brilliant for an array of reasons.

Hit Autoplay—and See What Wonders Await!

When you're hanging out in a magical realm, being fleet of foot is essential. After all, you never know when some enchanted creature is going to track you down. In the interest of making everything lightning-fast, it helps to activate Autoplay. This handy helper will keep those reels spinning, even if you happen to be flitting around your house like a magical butterfly. For the perfect escape, Fairy Queen is an excellent way to spend some time.

Travel to a Place No Human Has Visited Before

In the Fairy Queen's realm, you will have the opportunity to visit beautiful lands that have yet to be touched by humans. Don't miss this amazing chance to explore the unknown—and to make the acquaintance of the fabulous Fairy Queen and all her fantastic friends. Unlock the mysteries of this wild and crazy crew of friends that reign as the forest's favourites. Allow yourself to be transported to an exotic region in which magic is the law of the land.

Dance with your festive forest surroundings, and revel in the feeling of being amongst mushrooms of magic and gnomes galore. Every creature plays their own unique part in this eccentric ecosystem, which makes the whole slot feel like a dazzling dance with destiny.

Allow the elves and other bodacious beings to offer you entry into a new world that glitters and sparkles with endless amusements. When you are trying to meet the fairy queen and experience her wisdom and joy first-hand, you will definitely want to press that start button and activate an entirely new realm.