Dragon’s Wild Fire

Dragon's Wild Fire
Screenshot Dragon's Wild Fire

Drop in for Some Fun with this Dragon!

When you're looking for a sensational slot game to play, Novomatic casino never fails to deliver. With incredible graphics that reach out from the reels and grab you, enticing you to play more, Dragon's Wild Fire is one of the most hypnotic slot games out there.

Boasting fabulous fonts, captivating colours and a soundtrack that will get your toes tapping, this dragon-themed game is bound to get your adrenaline going.

Fierce, Ferocious and Fabulous Dragons as Far as the Eye Can See

When you're craving some excitement that will swoop down and make your life more sensational, it's all about Dragon's Wild Fire. If the gorgeous graphics don't make you feel as though you landed in a foreign land, then maybe it's the magnificent music that draws you into the spectacular scene.

With Wilds and Bonus symbols that you can't miss, you'll be on the edge of your seat the entire time. After all, when was the last time you saw a bonus icon based on a yin-yang symbol? In so many ways, this slot game is completely different from anything you've ever played before.

For New Players, Experts and Dragon Aficionados Alike

Ideal for all types of players, this incredible game knows how to provide extraordinary entertainment from the moment you sit down and fire up the dragons. Those who enjoy Dragon's Pearl, Dragon's Mystery, Dancing Dragon and Dragon's Deep will undoubtedly be excited to get with the theme all over again. There's something amazingly alluring about this slot, which features special symbols such as beautiful coins. Take a break from your everyday cares and see what this dazzling dragon is cooking up!

Free Spins and More Fabulous Features

When you encounter some luck while playing this game, it won't seem like a secret. In fact, you may even notice that the reels provide helpful indicators and spectacular sound effects to signal your good fortune. Fans of other sensational slots, such as Happy Fruits, Fruit Drops, Dutch Fortune, Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row, Helena and Frog Princess, will get a kick out of the amazing action and quick response time of this game.

If you are fortune enough to score some free spins, then you're going to love the sound effects that accompany them. In a world of slot games that are often minimalistic and simplistic, Dragon's Wild Fire stands out as much as the creatures upon which it is based.

Click on Autostart to Get the Action Sizzling as Soon as Possible

When you play this game, you may be surprised by all the action. The best way to keep things moving at a rapid, riveting clip is to click on the Autostart button, which will set the game in motion so it doesn't stop. Revel in the rapid-fire sound of this wildly engaging game. You never know what will happen unless you test it out, and chances are that you are going to be awestruck once you start.

Check out the Paytable to See How These Crazy Combinations Complement Each Other

With Dragon's Wild Fire, there are so many spectacular symbols that it can become easy to get overwhelmed. When this happens, all you need to do is click on the paytable to see how the different icons play out when they appear on the reels together. See which dragons are the most fiery when it comes to their ability to earn you some credits.

Take a Gander at the Gamble Option

Like so many other Novomatic games, Dragon's Wild Fire also allows the players the opportunity to convert their dragon fire into a blazing bonfire of winnings. All you have to do is click the Gamble button on the bottom right side of your screen, then you will be given the choice to select the correct colour of the card.

If your choice concurs with what the dragons have in mind, then you can increase what you've already won. When you've triumphed, you can feel free to roar as loudly as your dragon allies. Luxuriate in the lair of the winner and accept the rules of the dragon as your own.

A Game for Those Who Prefer to Have All Their Senses Engaged

Whether you're lining up Wilds on the reels or marvelling at the exquisite detail of the fires whenever they happen to explode on the screen, Dragon's Wild Fire will provide you with a wide array of amusement and pure, plain fun. When was the last time you immersed yourself in such a thrilling world? With action-packed amusement, this slot manages to deliver every time.

After so many centuries, people from all walks of life continue to be fascinated by the moves and motives of these marvellous creatures. Dragon's Wild Fire allows you to experience the legendary lives of these spirited beasts—all while giving you the opportunity to enter a portal into another world and possibly win some cash.

For those who relish the magic of dragons and the entertainment of a sensational slot, this game is the perfect blend. Better than jumping on a dragon's back for a quick ride—and much safer—this slot exudes authenticity and amazement.