Dragon’s Deep

Dragon's Deep
Screenshot Dragon's Deep

Reach into the Depths and Experience this Dazzling Dragon!

There's a reason why dragons often serve as the centrepiece of ancient folklore. These captivating creatures hold untold power within their talons and it's up to us humans to unlock that strength and fortitude. Dragon's Deep is a game that serves up that magical essence, allowing its players to soar as high as this mythical beast itself.

Enjoy the Gripping Graphics and the Dragon's Mysterious Grin

If you happen to line up a few dragon's heads in a row, you may notice that the reels are engulfed in flames. In this game, that is a very good thing! Delight in the marvellous music and sassy sound effects that accompany this game and don't be afraid to journey into the dragon's lair.

Five Reels and a Whopping 25 Paylines to Help Make Your Dreams Come True

This dragon is anything but dull, so you can look forward to a game that's full of thrills and chills. If things seem to be heating up, it may just be that the dragon is right behind you! The dwarves in this game breathe a lot of life into it as well, so you will definitely want to be on the lookout for these compelling characters. Other symbols you will enjoy include: a shining shield; a treasure trove of riches and a scatter symbol in the shape of a dragon's egg. Indeed, it should be no surprise that many players have hatched a decent fortune while enjoying this slot.

A Dragon Slot Appropriate for the Masses

Ideal for players of all levels, Dragon's Deep will be a revelation to those who have yet to experience it. Whether you've played Dragon's Pearl, Dragon's Wild Fire, Frog Princess, Fire Starter or Helena in the past, this is a slot that is bound to get your adrenaline moving in the right direction. Feast your eyes on the spectacular sights that you see, and allow the dragon's fire to consume you. Fans of Cupid's Arrow, Dutch Fortune, Dr. Enlarge O, Gemstone Jackpot and Diamond Street have all sung the praises of this spectacular slot, which brings a majestic creature to life in a way that no other game has managed to do.

Fast and Stealthy Like a Dragon

When you play this slot, you will probably notice that time flies by quickly. After all, when you're on the dragon's timetable, time is of the essence. This magical beast waits for no one and nothing so why not just hit the Autoplay button and see what happens? This way, you won't have to press "Start" every time you'd like to initiate a new round. When you see those dragon eggs on the reels, make sure that you keep an eye peeled to see if three pop up. If you are so lucky as to experience this, then you will behold the miracle of a dragon birth, as the egg cracks and a tiny baby dragon emerges from the shell. However, these creatures are fierce from birth. It won't be long before the little one is breathing fire all over the boards!

Free Spins Like No Other

If and when you stumble upon some of these fabulous free spins, then you will be mesmerized as the background of the game completely changes to black. More dragon eggs can lead to some retriggers, so a free spin session is always a very good thing whenever you are playing Dragons Deep. No small detail has been overlooked in the decadent design of this game. The savvy group at Novomatic casino even made sure that the font of the playing card symbols was appropriately gothic and gorgeous. Every spin of the reels will have you riveted to your seat and wondering what is going to happen next.

All the Novomatic Features You Adore

Those who are looking out for a gamble feature will not be disappointed when they check out this game. Located at the bottom right of the screen, this allows for even more fiery fun. Choose red or choose black and enjoy the daring dragon motifs on the cards. There's never a dull moment with these dragons on your side!

Slay This Slot with Your Brilliance

Dragon's Deep is steeped in a theme that is universally adored all around the world—dragons!—and it never fails to deliver on the promise of majestic mysticism that these creatures exude. Not only that, but the epic music will make you feel as if you're dancing with your own destiny. This spirited slot is nothing less than a magnificent marvel, so it makes sense that so many players have fallen prey to its exciting pace and fantastic free spins.

Breathe Some Fire into Your Life—Try this Sensational Slot

Whether you're a dragon king or a dragon queen, this slot is sure to make you feel as if you're the head of the castle. Since you've got these amazing dragons on your team, you won't even need a moat to protect yourself from unruly marauders. Stake your claim as the most learned and lionhearted person in the land, and feel free to tangle with the dragons anytime you see fit. Allow their sassy spirits to overcome you and play like there's no tomorrow!