Double Luck Nudge

Double Luck Nudge
Screenshot Double Luck Nudge

Don’t Nudge a Slot by Its Cover

Just as you wouldn’t judge a book its cover, don’t judge Double Luck Nudge by how it looks! This slot looks like it was made decades ago but in fact it was launched only recently! It has three reels and only one winline that runs horizontally across the reels, covering the middle positions.

There are symbols that multiply the wins and there are symbols which can nudge up or down to give you a win! The slot game isn’t very pretty. The colours are a bit dull and certainly clash! It’s a mix of green, gold, purple and black. However, like we said, don’t judge a book (or this slot) by its cover!

Double Luck Nudge is made by Novomatic and it’s a really enjoyable game. Slots don’t need to be full of fancy features and the latest technology to be fun to play. The most important thing about a slot game is that it pays out! You play the game with coins and minimum and maximum bets vary so players with any sort of budget can play.

That being said, some players might like something a little bit more complicated. So Double Luck Nudge isn’t a game for everyone. Players who like: 7’s Gold Casino, Supra Hot, Club 2000 and Hold It might want to give this slot a go!

Simple Symbols Signal Serious Sums

There are 5 unique symbols on the reels of Double Luck Nudge: the cherries, the single bar (green), the double bar (purple), the triple bar (yellow) and the red seven. The payouts are as follows, starting from the smallest to the biggest: one cherry; two cherries; any combination of bar symbols (mixed numbers/colours count); three cherries; three green single bars; three purple double bars; three triple yellow bars and three red sevens. The symbols must fall on the payline (one on each reel, with the exception for the lower cherry payouts) to give the win.

Bets and wins are in coins. You can adjust the number of coins that you’re betting per spin with the setting at the bottom of the screen. Coins from each win can be gambled – the gamble feature is 50/50 chance double or loss. The paytable shows the amount of coins you can win for each payout. The figures will increase or decrease according to your bet.

Nudges and Multipliers

One more symbol appears on the reels that we haven’t yet mentioned and that’s the big 2X! You’re going to absolutely love this symbol as it has the ability to quadruple wins! This 2X symbol acts as a sort of Wild as it will substitute for other symbols, as well as multiply the win! For example, if a 2X symbol lands on the payline and the other two symbols match, the 2X will act as the third match and double the win! If two of these symbols land on the payline, you’ll get quadruple the win of the third symbol (as if three had landed on the reels x4!).

The other special feature in this game are the nudging symbols. Some symbols will land on the reels with a big yellow arrow on them. The arrow will either be pointing up or down. If a symbol lands on the top position (of any reel) with an arrow pointing downwards, it will nudge down to the payline. Similarly, if a symbol lands on the bottom position (of any reel) with an arrow pointing upwards, it will nudge up to the payline.

Nudges only happen when the arrow on the symbol is pointing in the right direction (i.e. will get the symbol on the payline). This can give you wins when you didn’t think they were going to happen! Give this slot a go if you’re a relative beginner or if you enjoy simple pleasures. If you’re looking for something a bit fancier then try out some of Novomatic’s other slots, such as: Book of Ra, Hold Your Horses, Kingdom of Legend, Temple of Secrets or Monkey’s Millions.