Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe

Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe
Screenshot Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe

There's something so majestic about dolphins. These captivating creatures are known for being one of the most loved species in the ocean, so perhaps it shouldn't come as a shock that they've also racked up major attention as the heroes of the Novomatic casino game Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe.

Like the wildly popular Anubix, American Diner and 4 Reel Kings, Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe is a Novomatic slot that has never lacked lots of love.

For many slots players, this is one of the games that you immediately add to your favourites list after you play for the very first time. Like the dazzling dolphin itself, there is so much to love about this game.

Perhaps one of the most exciting images that players may get to see is that of an oyster opening up to reveal a pristine pearl. From the seahorse to the spectacular school of fish, every icon in this game is positively delightful.

Set Against a Backdrop of Seaweed and Splendour

With ten terrific paylines and five fantastic reels, Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe has managed to thrill a wide variety of players who have tried it. From newbies to seasoned slots enthusiasts, this game has won universal love from everyone.

Perhaps it is very fitting that, in this game, the dolphins are literally wild! Poker card values will also pop up on the screen, as will a stingray and a lobster. Although there may be many fish in the sea, rumour has it that this gorgeous game is the most beloved seaworthy slot out there.

Way out in the deep water, everything is calm and peaceful. Both the graphics and the music that go along with this game do a lot to spread this chilled-out vibe.

You'll Enjoy Being Swept Out to Sea When You Play Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe

Ideal for both landlubbers and salty dogs alike, this slot manages to keep you right on the edge of the platform without ever letting you get seasick. The old saying is that a red sky at morning is a sailor's warning and a red sky at night is a sailor's delight, but Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe manages to deliver on the delightfulness during every hour of the day. Of course, the magic combination to score is five dolphins on one line. What an extraordinary day out on the ocean that would be!

Fabulous Free Spins Will Make You Leap Out of Your Seat Just Like the Dolphins!

Players of this game particularly tend to enjoy the free spins when they are triggered. If you're lucky, you may even get a chance to see one of those adorable dolphins crack a smile at you! It's no wonder that fans of many slot games have expressed their ultimate praise for this journey out into the deep ocean.

If you've played American Gangster, 5 Line Multiplay or Aztec Power, then it's time to try your hand—or your flipper!—at Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe. Bask in the bold beauty of the ocean and all of its epic colours whenever you play.

After all, there are supposed to be some scientific reasons why we humans love to hover near the salt air and relax our minds and bodies. Why not see if these same benefits apply while you play this seafaring slot, which is definitely both salty and sweet?

Sail into Something Special Whenever You Play

Novomatic is known for epic games such as 4 Reel Kings, Bars & Sevens, Diamonds of Fortune and Diamond Street, so this slot is yet another amazing addition to an already impressive roster.

Although you may not possess the means to quit your job and escape everyday life to sail around the Caribbean just yet, this sensational slot will give you that same vibe. After all, there's nothing quite like the sight of those beautiful bubbles popping up whenever you land on some exciting icons.

Sailor or Pirate? Either Way, Some Gambling Is Definitely in Order

As with the other Novomatic games you've come to appreciate over the years, Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe offers the brilliant Gamble feature. For those who would like to multiply their winnings, this is one of the best ways to do it. Simply choose red or black and then you'll see whether or not you made the right decision! It's an instantaneous thrill that gets players going every time.

Do You Sell Seashells by the Seashore?

There's nothing quite like the sweet sound effects that make themselves known whenever you happen upon an exciting underwater discovery. Indeed, Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe has a way of making each playing session swimmingly successful! With magnificent multipliers a possibility as well, you never know what's going to happen next. Your vibrant voyage under the sea may become more fruitful than you ever imagined.

It's just a matter of sticking around and seeing what the ocean has to offer this time! These lovable characters like to bring you luck, so hang tight and ride the wonderful waves you find.

An Ocean Awash in Treasure

As you already know, the ocean is literally swimming with untapped resources. Whether it's those popular pearls or a shipwreck by the shore, you never know what you may find deep down in the sand. Although you may not know what the ultimate results will be, swimming into this sea is the best idea ever.