Dice Winner

Dice Winner
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A Fantastically Fast Game That Will Have You Rolling with Excitement!

Straight out of the brilliant minds at Novomatic casino, Dice Winner is a game known for its simple yet stunning aesthetic. With three reels and five paylines in play, you get the opportunity to roll some spectacular scores. For those who love hitting up the live casino, this game will make you feel as if you've finally come home.

Crisp, Bright Graphics and Sizzling Sound Effects

Keep your eye on the dice! These ravishing red symbols are just like normal dice; with numerical values between one and six, they are here to make you happy. Because the paylines are always on point, you won't have to concern yourself with manipulating them.

Simply press the start button and see what happens! Or, if you're feeling incredibly brave, go ahead and click on Autoplay to make the game spring into life and keep moving at a rapid clip. It's all up to you; Dice Winner is a game that is easily customized to each player's unique preferences and needs.

For Discerning Slots Players Who Love the Idea of Winning

With its classic charm and easy-to-use interface, it is no wonder that Dice Winner has racked up so many fans. Players who normally enjoy slots such as Diamond Street, Cupid's Arrow, Dr. Enlarge O, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy and more have come to revel in the dazzling brilliance of this game.

It's never been easier to enjoy a game of dice—and the best part is that you won't even have to worry about looking through your entire house to find them! They are right here on your computer screen, so there's no delay before you start to play.

You'll Need Three Matches to Triumph

Although it takes a trio of matches to score a win in this game, just two matches will cause the auto-hold option to come into play. By holding the reels, this feature allows you to take the destiny of your dice into your own hands. What happens next is up to you.

For Dice and Slot Lovers Alike

With the spectacular sound effects setting the tone, you'll immediately feel a sense of wonder whenever this game starts up. Fans of Fruit Drops, Frog Princess, Gemstone Jackpot, Dutch Fortune and Happy Fruits will luxuriate in the brilliant atmosphere of this great game. Providing all of the thrills and excitement that you need, Dice Winner's name speaks to its strong reputation for creating a great time.

The Dice Winner Paytable Explains It All

When you're curious about how different combinations could play out, it's time to click on the paytable and consult it for advice. With Dice Winner, the point of the game is to have everything out in the open so that you can enjoy the uncomplicated experience of playing a great game.

Everything is straightforward, including the gamble feature. Novomatic fans have come to know and love this option, which affords them the opportunity to crank up the winnings that they've already earned.

Dice Winner Perfectly Combines Modern and Old-Fashioned Elements

The game of dice has been around for a very, very long time. In fact, they say that dice were in existence all throughout recorded history! That's quite a longer track record than slot machines, which is why these two games provide the perfect blend. With all of the best parts of the ancient game mixing in with new technological advancements, Dice Winner is truly the best of both worlds.

Fabulously Frenetic and Fun

Players consistently admire the pace of Dice Winner, which is perfectly timed to make them happy. With all of the adrenaline rushing around as you hope to perfectly align those riveting red pieces, it's easy to forget your everyday concerns and immerse instantly in the game. Unlike any other slot game out there, Dice Winner was designed to keep you fascinated and having fun for as long as possible.

Roll the Dice and Allow Lady Fortune to Determine Your Fate

With a lot to offer, this gorgeous game brings you all the fun and flavour of a dice game with friends—along with the bells and whistles you've come to expect from Novomatic games.

Built to capitalize upon the brilliance of a game that has captivated for millennia, Dice Winner also showcases the fun new features that only make the game even more entrancing. Why not step up to the plate, grab those dice and see what happens? With the fate of fortune in your hands, there is no doubt that you will revel in the spirit of these dazzling dice whenever you are playing this unforgettable game.