Diamond 7

Diamond 7
Screenshot Diamond 7

The Slot Game for Players Who Know That Diamonds Are Forever

If you're a fan of both vintage and modern slot games, chances are good that you are going to fall madly in love with Diamond 7. This spectacular slot boasts all of the fascinating features that you need to get some great playing time in.

During this slot game, you'll find that your favourite symbols are making major transformations—from fruit into gemstones that will net you some serious cash! Yet another sweet slot from the brilliant team at Novomatic casino, Diamond 7 is all about exploring how things can change—for the better!

Are Diamonds Really Your Best Friend? It's Time to Find Out!

There's nothing quite like the sight of some classic slot machine cherries morphing into ravishing rubies and this is just one of the many splendid sights you may be able to witness when you play Diamond 7.

Built for the true chameleon, this amazing game provides visuals that you never saw in a slot before. This makes for the perfect blend of classic slots and more modern creations, providing players with ample opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Watch Out for the Sparkling Scatter Star!

If you click on the Paytable, then you'll have a chance to see what can happen when you really score on Diamond 7. See all of your favourite fruits in their crystallized, ideal form and scope out the potential scores to see how much you would earn if everything were to line up in your favour!

The star is your scatter symbol, and it's one of the many variables that can make for an extremely exciting game. However, the number seven is what you truly want to keep your eye on whenever you play this game. When it flips from a regular red seven to something that resembles a silver gem, then you'll know that you have finally hit the big time.

This sizzling seven can earn you an incredible amount of credits, so you can't miss it! However, even the single cherry, lemon, melon and grapes can majorly up your chances to triumph when they've been converted to their gemstone state, so you will want to check out all that the potential results could yield.

Five Paylines and Five Reels Make for a Fantastic Feat of Fortune!

In addition to the classic, Golden Age icons you'll see up on the screen, there are also the sweet sound effects that will make you feel like you're wandering through a live casino—without any of the hassle!

This sparkling and spectacular slot truly lights up the screen every time you play. With glittering, glimmering icons and a chance to really up the ante, Diamond 7 provides endless entertainment.

Engage the Gamble Feature for Even More Entertainment

When you've scored some exciting wins in this jackpot of gemstones, then you will be able to fire up the Gamble option and see if your streak will stick. All you need to do is pick black or red and then you'll be able to see whether or not you made a wise decision.

Players who are feeling especially fortunate may even choose to pick the suit. If you accurately predict both the colour and the suit, then you'll be able to multiply your winning by 4X! For those who are looking to extend their luck, it doesn't get any better than this daring option.

A Slot Game for Discerning Players Who Enjoy Some Sparkle

When you're looking to achieve the ultimate in slot play, it's all about Diamond 7. Perfect for both amateur players and those who have been at it for a while, this game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you've played slots such as Frogs Fairy Tale, Fire Starter, Faust and Fairy Queen, then there is no doubt that you are going to appreciate all of the fine work that has been put into this one. Fans of Fabulous Fruits, Dr. Enlarge O, Dragon's Wild Fire, Dragon's Pearl and Cupid's Arrow have all become enamoured with its many fabulous features.

Stake as Much—or as Little—as You'd Like

Breaking the mould for what is expected, Diamond 7 has gained notoriety for being a game that can be enjoyed by both high rollers and small spenders alike.

You can gain a lot when you play this game, so it make sense that players from all walks of life enjoy taking a shot at it. With its unique features and universal appeal, this is one gemstone game that you won't ever want to miss. After all, is there anything better than some classic slot symbols that turn into icons of fortune?

It's as If a Real-Life Alchemist Is Behind the Reels

Back in ancient times, there were healers who claimed that they could make regular objects morph into something spectacular. Whenever you play Diamond 7, you get that same feeling whenever you see an object tradition into a new and unexpected sparkler.

Settling in for a sensational session of Diamond 7 can infuse your spirit with a feeling of fun and excitement. As an intrepid traveller, it is now your turn to see what happens when gemstones are forged and found.