Dancing Dragon

Dancing Dragon
Screenshot Dancing Dragon

Escape into the Exotic Allure of the Orient

If you're looking for a game that offers the untold delights of the Orient, then it's time to explore what Dancing Dragon has to offer. Direct from Novomatic Casino, this beautifully designed game is ideal for unlocking all of that majesty and mystery that is bubbling right below your surface!

If you've played other Novomatic games such as Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe, Crazy Slots and Cops 'n Robbers Millionaires Row, then you're sure to get a real kick out of this game. Featuring some of the most fabulous dragons that will ever grace your computer screen, this game offers graphics that will make you a believer in these mythical creatures.

Sensational Sound Effects That Make It All Feel Real

You'll truly feel as if you landed in a magical realm whenever you log on for a quick session of Dancing Dragon. These dazzling dragons are accompanied by beautiful lilting music that will relax and inspire you. For this slot game, it certainly seems as if the designers didn't miss a single detail.

Right above the action, you will notice that even the reels show stunning gold coins and green numerals that will grab your attention. If you've enjoyed other Novomatic games such as Dazzling Diamonds, Dice Winner and Diamond Street, this one is going to be right up your alley. The best part is that you don't even need a plane ticket—or a time machine!—to travel throughout this spectacular slot.

From Lovely Lamps to Playing Cards... the Dancing Dragons Have Got It All!

If games such as Cupid's Arrow, Diamonds of Fortune, Diamond 7 and Dragons Deep are all part of your normal repertoire, then you've really got to add this one into the mix.

Boasting both amazing aesthetics and a fascinating format, this is a slot game that always stays fresh and fabulous. This exotic extravaganza is likely to stay in your memories for a long time to come!

With everything from free spins, wilds and bonuses being offered, there is never a dull moment when you're dabbling with the Dancing Dragon!

More Hip and Happening Than Ever Before!

In case you haven't noticed, dragons are all the rage these days. Popping up on TV series and movies, these wonderfully wild creatures have managed to capture the imagination of the public in a way that has never been seen before.

Although your favourite show may be off the air for a bit, though, the dancing dragons in this game never take a break. You'll want to luxuriate in the lush landscape of this amazing game, waiting for the dragon's tail to line up in your favour.

You Don't Have to Breathe Fire to Play This Game

Although Dancing Dragons is exceptionally exotic, it should be noted that you don't need any special powers to play. However, at times it may seem as if the game is so fast-paced that you will feel as if you're experiencing something supernatural!

For those who like to keep up their momentum while playing, there is always the "Autostart" button. By hitting this handy tool, you won't have to worry about pressing "Start" before every round.

This frees you up to enjoy the marvellous magnificence of the game. If there ever is a time in your life when you'll feel like a royal, it will most likely occur while you're playing this game.

You Might Feel Like You're at a Gorgeous Parade

Some of the festive music featured in this spectacular slot may call to mind holiday celebrations you have seen in the past. When the dragon comes to life on the reels, it truly is a splendid scene for all to see. The rest of the reels go dark, allowing you to enjoy the dragon's dazzling dance moves. For people who truly love to play slot games, Dancing Dragon truly is a fest for the eyes.

In a world where so many slots look different, this one really does manage to stand out with its daring design and amazing aesthetic. It's the kind of game that will keep you enthralled long after you have started playing.

Want to Double Your Winnings? Hit Gamble and See What Unfolds

Like so many other Novomatic games that players love, Dancing Dragon also boasts the gamble feature that allows you to put your winnings on the line and possibly collect even more in the process! All you have to do is click black or red, and the game will then reveal if you're correct or not.

It couldn't be easier or more entertaining, and many players believe that the gamble feature truly catapults their Dancing Dragon experience to the next level. When you're in search of a special slot that provides endless thrills, this is your slot.

It's Time to Play Your Way

The best part of checking out a round of Dancing Dragon is that you can customize all of these features to fit your playing style perfectly. With so many options to inject even more sparkle and glamour into your game, it seems as if Dancing Dragon has captured the winning formula for creating a brilliant slot game. All players are encouraged to see if they can cajole this dragon to awake from his slumber and commandeer the reels.