Cops ‘n Robbers

Cops 'n Robbers
Screenshot Cops N Robbers

Are You a Good Cop or a Bad Cop?

In Cops 'n Robbers, it doesn't take long to figure out who the bad guys are—and it turns out that they're really fun! As the frenetically fantastic music plays, the five reels spin.

You will make the acquaintance of a number of kooky characters, from a beautiful brunette to a judge who seems like he's ready to strike down the gavel and throw you in the slammer.

The bodacious bulldog makes for an exceptional Wild, and it's up to you to find out whether or not his bark is worse than his bite. In a world full of slot machines that tend to look somewhat similar, this is one that definitely stands out as a complete original.

Great Graphics That Will Have You Making a Run for the Border

The crisp, clear graphics in Cops 'n Robbers will pull you into the lives of law enforcement. With the buzzing blue siren and the card symbols you're accustomed to seeing in your favourite games, Cops N Robbers will never fail to put a smile on your face.

Delight in the fun of making a run for it, and allow yourself to get swept away by the superb sound effects and magnificent music. A life of crime has never been so attractive—and the best part is that there are none of the consequences you would experience in a real-life chase! Indulge yourself in this extraordinary entertainment, and keep an eye on the bottom right side of the screen if you ever want to see what kind of coin your last win netted you.

An Adrenaline-Powered Slots Game for All Players

Cops N Robbers is a spectacular slot for anyone who loves the rush of getting away with something. Players who have games such as Crazy Slots, Cupid's Arrow and Dancing Dragon on their regular rosters are sure to become enthralled by this sweet slot, which will make you remember what it's like to play a slot game that places thrills around every corner. It doesn't matter if you're hot-footing it from a bank robbery or just getting back from playing other Novomatic casino games like American Gangster, Always Hot Cubes or Bars & Sevens.

This is a sensational slot that manages to capture your attention from the very start. Do you revel in the excitement of slots like American Diner, Aztec Power, Book of Ra Deluxe, Asian Attraction and Anubix? Then you will definitely want to put it all on the line when you play this game for the first time.

Watch Out for the Cop Car!

In real life, seeing a bunch of police cars line up would probably be a bad thing. When you're playing Cops N Robbers, however, this is actually a very fortuitous sign! Bask in the thrill of police iconography—without any of the downside. Holding up his nightstick, the Bobby featured in this game is out to get you—in a good way! You've never played such a spellbinding slot before; these characters are more engaging than any others in recent memory. Living the life of a crook has never been so amusing, yet guilt-free!

Many Ways to Get Paid: Ideal for Adrenaline Junkies and Would-Be Offenders

Let's face it; the life of a criminal may not be as appealing as it may seem at the outset. Not only is jail time a very real possibility, but those pesky lawyers' fees can also be a buzzkill. When you play Cops N Robbers, you reap all the bold benefits of being a big-time burglar...without any of the hassles.

There's something about this game that always keeps slots players coming back for more. Boasting the kind of instant allure that other games can only dream of, this slot provides non-stop entertainment for all. Whether you're new to slots or you're a seasoned slot veteran, this game will provide the thrills and chills that you've come to expect from Novomatic. Indeed, there's never a dull moment when you're taking some time out to play Cops N Robbers.

A Game Steeped in a Childhood Classic

Just because you're a grown-up now, it doesn't mean you have to abandon the best games from your childhood. After all, Cops N Robbers is probably one of the first games that you and your friends played in the backyard. This game manages to capture all of that old magic—and even elevates it so that you experience something new every time. It doesn't matter if you're a law-abiding citizen or a lout who is on the lam; this slot is perfect for all types of players. Luxuriate in the pure pleasure of chasing or being chased. In this game, you never have to worry about being on the wrong side of the law.

Bright Colours and a Burst of Activity: Slots Have Never Been So Fun

When you're seeking out a slot that is sensationally vibrant and spectacular in an entirely new way, it's time to try your hand at Cops N Robbers. Although you will find classic slot elements, you will also delight in the sweet spirit of the unknown. This extraordinary game will have you going gangbusters in no time. But, for your own safety, you'll want to limit the car chases to inside the house!