Captain Venture

Captain Venture
Screenshot Captain Venture

Captain Venture is a trademarked game that features five columns and 10 lines, and the platform provides numerous symbols that resemble anchors, multiple types of maps, various numbers, pirates and historic ships. When a round commences, scatter symbols may appear, and the images can replace any icons. According to various analyses, the presence of the scatter symbols may increase a player's average earnings by more than 32 percent.

Placing a Bet

When creating a wager, a gamer can modify some of the lines and bet as much as 50 euros. If a player makes a smaller wager, the individual could utilize a feature that will multiply the bet's value.

Typically, players may bet as much as 4,000 coins on each line. Players can also allow the platform to automatically create wagers. The player could opt to retake control of the automated bets once the gamer has received an especially large prize, numerous free spins or a symbol that multiplies the individual's winnings.

Increasing the Dynamic Jackpot

When a player consistently makes bets at a Novomatic casino, the jackpot's value will rapidly rise. Generally, a client may win the main jackpot during a single round; however, the game's largest prize is only available if a player sees a symbol that represents a captain who is wearing a hat and holding a monocular. This icon is relatively rare, but the captain at the slot Capatain Venture is featured in hundreds of screenshots that show the earnings of satisfied gamers.

Utilizing Free Rounds

Sometimes, an individual could receive 40 free spins. The platform periodically offers a prize that quadruples the number of complimentary rounds. If a scatter symbol appears, the game will automatically double the amount of free spins. Various testimonials have indicated that some players received more than 380 free rounds during a relatively short time period.

Evaluating the Symbols

The scatter symbol resembles a steering wheel. When the game generates three scatters, the user will instantaneously receive multiple free rounds. Once a player sees an icon that shows a wheel, the image will offer substantial winnings even if the versatile symbol does not create a match.

The Advantages of a Bonus Round

If you obtain an extra round, the virtual wheel will automatically spin, and consequently, the platform may provide 10 additional rounds or 20 extra sessions. Periodically, a client will receive multiple free rounds when the individual creates a new account. Certain casinos also offer a bonus of more than 150 euros for each new player. Generally, the gamer can only utilize the bonus within 30 days of the individual's registration.

Captain Venture's Pace

Unlike some platforms, this game typically provides a moderate pace that allows players to plan their moves. The software gives gamers the ability to enjoy an unlimited number of pauses, and during any breaks, the platform may offer music and other sounds that are associated with oceans and various types of vessels.

Clients are able to modify the rapidity of the game's spins. Numerous reviews have indicated that a faster pace could boost the likelihood of prizes by increasing the number of spins that occur during each session.

Playing Captain Venture for Free

By utilizing free versions of the game, the players may augment the chance of winning prizes in the future, practice automated play, receive a virtual jackpot and utilize the scatter symbol. Many casinos will typically allow a gamer to play the game's free version for an unlimited period of time.

Examining Testimonials

When evaluating reviews of the game, several experts determined that more than 95 percent of the testimonials are exceptionally positive. Many reviewers have indicated that they won prizes after making bets that have a value of less than 10 euros.

Mobile Devices

If a player is using a smartphone, the platform may automatically modify the dimensions of some images. The game will also have specific buttons that help individuals to swiftly complete various tasks, and when a person is utilizing a mobile device, a Novomatic casino can allow the player to converse with a specialist who may describe the wagers, the platform's features, each type of bonus, the availability of complimentary rounds and the benefits of free play.

The History and the Reputation of Novomatic

Founded in 1980, Novomatic has offices in 43 countries and earns annual revenue of more than $3.8 billion. In total, the well-known business has developed at least 250 games. While enjoying the company's premier games, a player will not have to download any software. Most of the platforms utilize live streaming and provide free versions.

Analyzing Similar Games

Novomatic has created various types of roulette, a game that is related to jewelry, a platform with images that resemble horses, numerous versions of blackjack, a game that focuses on dolphins and a platform with icons that represent crowns. A player may also enjoy games that are associated with queens and a deluxe platform like Book of Ra Deluxe or Sizzling Hot Deluxe with symbols that resemble various types of fruits. These cutting-edge games provide extra spins, icons that multiply the values of bets, realistic sounds and sizable jackpots.