Bullion Bars

Bullion Bars
Screenshot Bullion Bars

This game has three rows and 20 lines, and a player can connect each wager to any number of lines. The platform is able to produce symbols that feature stars, golden bars and zeros. The scatter symbols resemble stars, and zeros typically do not provide any winnings. Some icons also represent double bars or triple bars.

The game's pace is relatively rapid, and the platform can offer a jackpot. There's also a feature for double winnings and a tool that will automatically provide several free spins.

When a customer utilizes this feature, the platform consistently creates bets for the gamer. It also provides multipliers that are associated with certain wagers. After a client chooses automatic play, the player can receive a bonus, gamble earnings and use the scatter symbol. The customer may activate numerous tools that will cease automatic play if the gamer has received a certain combination of symbols and a prize with an especially high value.

Customizing Wagers

A player may create a bet with a value of 400 coins, or a gamer may choose a wager that has less than one coin. By connecting a wager to more than seven lines, a gamer can simultaneously augment the likelihood of substantial winnings and increase the bet's risk.

Bullion Bars' Scatter Symbol

Once a customer sees a scatter symbol, the person will receive instant winnings. The icon can replace most of the symbols that the platform offers. Numerous testimonials have indicated that scatter symbols are especially common during this game's rounds because the platform has a relatively low number of distinctive icons.

Obtaining Sizable Prizes

If the player receives three standard bars, the person will immediately win 400 coins, and when a client sees two additional bars, the game will provide 800 coins. The platform sometimes produces icons that are related to a jackpot, and these symbols can offer 10,000 coins.

Once multiple stars appear on a single line, the gamer will win 200 coins for each star. Generally, the golden icons are significantly more valuable than the other symbols.

Betting your win in Bullion Bars

Once a gamer receives coins, the platform of Bullion Bars will allow the customer to gamble the entire prize. This feature can instantaneously double the earnings that a spin offers, yet the gamble could also eliminate the customer's most recent prize. Multiple players have indicated that this bonus typically appears once a player has created at least 30 wagers.

Winning a Jackpot

A gamer can obtain a jackpot if the first reel and the third column contain numerous icons that show bars. The bonus may be available when the game also provides a virtual bar that is situated in the second row. The jackpot can generate 200,000 coins if a player has associated a large bet with the round.

Extra Spins

Once a company provides complimentary rounds, the player will typically use the spins before the other rounds take place. Generally, a Novomatic casino may offer at least 100 free rounds for a new client.

Analyzing Reviews of the Game

Numerous testimonials have indicated that this platform is substantially simpler than other games that Novomatic developed; however, the platform's straightforwardness commonly attracts especially experienced players and gamers who would like to minimize risks. Furthermore, many reviews have shown that double bars and triple bars are relatively common, and these symbols can provide 2,000 coins.

Using a Casino's Features

A Novomatic casino will generally allow players to converse with experienced experts on the company's website. These representatives can evaluate each available bonus, provide a list of digital tools, describe features that might double winnings, indicate the specific value of a jackpot and examine the benefits of large wagers. The specialists are also able to help players who are enjoying the free version of the game.

By using the casino's tools, a gamer may evaluate a report that analyzes previous earnings and determine the winnings that each game provided. The player will also have the ability to view available games that are comparable to Novomatic's platforms.

Obtaining a Bonus

This platform generates a unique bonus that will cause the virtual reels to spin as long as the player wins consistent prizes. Once the game offers the bonus, the customer's last wager will be connected to each consecutive round. Typically, more than 20 combinations can provide the distinctive bonus.

A casino may offer a bonus of at least 150 euros once a new customer becomes a member. Generally, the bonus will be available if the client makes a certain number of wagers. The value of the bonus will depend on the customer's deposit, and a casino may provide at least 100 free spins for players.

Examining Similar Games That Novomatic Offers

You can try games with symbols that resemble horses, lions, many fruits, stunning gems and virtual wheels that could provide especially large prizes. The business has also developed numerous versions of roulette, and Novomatic provides platforms that focus on a fictional empire with buildings that are made of gold. Additionally, players may enjoy games that are associated with numerous types of motorcycles and futuristic robots.