Book of Ra Magic

Book of Ra Magic
Screenshot Book of Ra Magic

The Slot Full of Ancient Egyptian Magic

Book of Ra Magic is another gem from Novomatic that forms part of the Book of Ra set of slots. This one has 10 paylines, 5 reels and all of the same symbols.

You can win Free Games in Book of Ra Magic but the feature is even more magical than in the other slots with this theme! Instead of just one special expanding symbol, you can get up to nine of them!

Players love this particular set of slots because Novomatic is a fantastic developer and the theme is super interesting and popular. The mystery surrounding Ancient Egypt and Ancient Egyptian culture is intoxicating.

For generations, we have been fascinated by this period in time in this part of the world. There’s just something about the pyramids, the hieroglyphs, the sarcophagi and the art of this ancient people that captures the imagination.

Ancient Egyptians had pharaohs that ruled over the people and they had a distinct set of Gods that they worshipped. Ancient Egyptians also loved cats and snakes and birds, and these animals appear a lot in their art.

This is a very popular slot theme and other Egyptian-themed slots have been made by many different developers. From Novomatic, you can play the Book of Ra games as well as: Cleopatra Last of the Pharaohs, Pharaohs Ring, Pharaohs Tomb and Ramses 2, among others.

Magical Symbols in Book of Ra Magic

This is one of the latest games from Novomatic and it brings back your favourite character and all of your favourite symbols! The Book of Ra games from this developer are by far their most popular games. Many of the features are consistent over all of the games in this set, as are the symbols.

The lowest payouts come from the playing card symbols: 10, J, Q, K and A. Playing card symbols have payouts for x3, x4 and x5 matches. Symbols with higher payouts are Egyptian-themed. These are: the scarab beetle, the golden statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the golden face of Ra’s sarcophagus and the friendly, famous Book of Ra architect. These symbols have an extra payout for x2 matches.

The symbols are designed in high-definition and are much more detailed than the symbols from the first Book of Ra game that was ever made! The symbols come alive when you get a win and each symbol has its own little video animation which adds to the magic of this game.

Gambling payouts is easily done with the 50/50 chance gamble feature. Double you win or lose it – it all rests on red or black! Pays are from left to right and only consecutive matches pay out. There are 10 paylines and you can activate as many as you like.

Magical Free Spins

There’s always been an air of magic surrounding ancient Egypt. The colours, the art, the gods and the customs of this ancient civilisation are all pretty magical indeed. No wonder why people are so fascinated by the ancient Egyptians!

Their way of life and their beliefs were so different to our own, we can’t help but be mesmerised by them. We want to know as much as we can and architects and historians are always working to find out more.

Every new discovery makes international news as we’re just so obsessed with this ancient culture! Not every win you get in Book of Ra Magic will be newsworthy but some will, especially the wins you get from the Free Spins!

To get the Free Spins, you’ll need 3 or more Book of Ra symbols to fall in the same spin. This symbol pays in Scatter so it doesn’t matter where they land, you’ll still get a payout and the Free Spins.

The Book of Ra symbol also has another special power and that’s substitution! This famous book can act as a substitute for any other symbol if it will help get a win. You get 10 Free Spins at a time and, each time, the game will randomly select a ‘special expanding symbol’.

If you re-trigger the Free Spins, you’ll add another 10 to the total and get another ‘special expanding symbol’. This can happen up to 8 times so you might get a total of 9 expanding symbols. The wins you’ll be getting if this happens will be newsworthy indeed!