Big Runner

Big Runner
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Play Big Runner and Dive Into Some Old Vegas Charm Today

With five fabulous reels and 24 tantalizing paylines to make you happy, this slot game truly has a lot to offer. Slot players of every kind will be drawn in by its delightful and dazzling Old World charm, as well as its more modern advancements that truly put an exclamation point on what is already a sparkling slot.

Slots players who have enjoyed playing games such as Autumn Queen, Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Aztec Power and 4 Reel Kings will truly find themselves entranced.

Stars Are at the Top

For players who prefer to find out which combinations pay off ahead of time there's an extremely handy paytable to illustrate which are the most sough-after combinations in Big Runner. It only makes sense that a set of three stars is at the pinnacle of this pyramid. Right underneath this highly desired combination, there are the classic sevens, as well as the watermelon, grape and strawberry symbols.

If you look for a way to get your daily fruit fix, then you came to the right spot. Revelling in the classic icons, Big Runner appeals to all kinds of players. Whether you're a classic slots player who is trying to recapture the magic or a newer player who wants to branch out and try something new, this is your game.

With—Literally—All the Bells and Whistles You Can Imagine

Of course, this wouldn't be a classic slot game without some bells. On the paytable, you will be happy to see that this icon also plays a role in Big Runner. Along with pears, plums and oranges, it is part of the unforgettable tapestry of this game.

You will want to squeal in delight whenever you catch sight of these incredible offerings. When it comes to displaying possible winning combinations, Big Runner doesn't shy away from showing you all that is possible. Once again, the Novomatic casino designers have stepped out and created a slot that exceeds expectations on every level.

This game allows players to experience all of the magic of old Las Vegas—all while they're in the comfort of their own homes. For players who want to get a kick out of riveting retro games without having to venture out and deal with all the hassles of a brick-and-mortar casino, Big Runner offers up a lot of enticements.

Bold Graphics and Sound Effects You Won't Soon Forget

Whenever players first witness all of the splendour that is Big Runner, many appreciate the delightful graphics. Standing out in bold relief against a beautifully designed backdrop, these fantastic fruit icons make a case for reviving older casino games.

Even if your normal games are American Diner, American Gangster and Asian Attraction, you are bound to get swept up in the sweet serendipity that is Big Runner. Players who enjoy Always Hot Cubes, Beetle Mania, Book of Ra and Big Catch have also commented upon this game's universal appeal. When you need a quick thrill that will light up your life, this is the slot to play.

Once You Get into the Swing of Things, Try Autoplay

Because this is a Novomatic game, you will notice that many of your favourite features are available to play. First, there's the Autoplay option, which can automate your experience if you so desire. Instead of having to click on the start button every single time, you can sit back and relax as the reels are activated.

For those who prefer to inject a little more excitement into the playing experience, there is also the Gamble feature. Allowing players to parlay wins into even greater success, this feature is primed for players who don't mind risking it all. Simply choose red or black, and see where the chips fall.

A Background of Gold, Red and Black

When you are playing Big Runner, you will notice that no detail has been overlooked. From the swanky background of the game to the careful renderings of the sensational symbols that serve as the centrepiece of the reels, Big Runner is truly a slot game unlike any other.

For players who are seeking out a unique and memorable experience, it is difficult to imagine a game that could supersede this kind of spectacle. All you need to do is hit Start and you will discover how and why these intoxicating icons can truly make your day.

With sensational sound effects and marvellous music to complement the gorgeous graphics, Big Runner is truly a game that will appeal to players from all walks of life. From neophytes to retro revellers, everyone will want to see what happens when it's their turn to take a shot at the reels.