Big Catch

Screenshot Big Catch

It's Time to Reel In Some Fun on the Reels!

When you want to reel in something you've never experienced before, you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Big Catch is a slot game that allows you to do exactly that. Drawing upon all of your dreams to just hang up a sign that says "Gone Fishin'" and call it a day.

This slot allows you the escape you so desperately crave—without any of the risk or hassle of leaving home. Although there may be many fish in the sea, not all of them were designed by Novomatic casino. Like so many other slot games in this brilliant brand's portfolio, Big Catch manages to focus on a theme and truly take it to the next level.

Explore Life Under the Sea: Five Reels and 20 Paylines of Fun

There's nothing quite like the thrill of being out on the open water. Big Catch allows you to experience this excitement from the comfort of your own ship—or couch! From the background that captures the majesty of a coral reef to the sound effects that emulate something you might hear while snorkelling, this rivetingly realistic game will bring you all the jewels of the ocean. And you won't even have to worry about getting seasick! From the amazing anchor to the sweet symbols that have seagrass growing out of them, everything in this game has been designed for the pleasure of nautical navigators and those who love to explore.

Check out the Paytable and See What the Sea Has to Offer

In this sensationally straightforward game, all players need to do is click on the paytable if they are curious about how certain combinations may pan out. Fans of other bold Novomatic games such as Autumn Queen, Asian Attraction and American Diner are sure to fall into the game as quickly as an anchor sinks to the bottom of the sea. There's nothing fishy about this game; for once, you can experience an aquatic adventure that is devoid of sharks and other crazy creatures. Luxuriate in the joy of your own personal expedition out into the depths of the mysterious ocean.

Stacked Wilds Are a Possibility When You're Out on Your Own Watercraft

Keep an eye out for ghost ships—and starfish! Privateers and pirates alike will marvel at the speed and sophistication of this game, which is also sensationally fun. The Big Catch symbol is always a welcome sight and you will appreciate the delightfully detailed icons whenever they happen to show up. If you've played 4 Reel Kings, American Gangster and Always Hot Cubes in the past, this game is sure to knock off your flippers! Those who have enjoyed Always Hot Deluxe, Bear Tracks, 5 Line Multiplay and Aztec Power will want to arch up in the sky and dance like dolphins when they get a chance to play this slot for the first time.

Set Out on a Vibrant Voyage You Won't Forget

There's something about the spray of saltwater this inherently intoxicating. You will find that the spirit of the sea is with you for each spin of the reels when you're playing this game. There's nothing else quite like it. Those who have become confident in their abilities will enjoy the Autoplay option, which enables players to take their fingers off the buttons and enjoy the ocean life once and for all.

Want to Amp up Some Wonderful Wins? Why Not Hit the Gamble Button?

For those who want to see if they can improve upon their haul, checking out the Gamble option can be a great way to parlay success on the sea into something even greater. When it comes to sensational sound effects, you'll want to yell "Anchors Aweigh!" every time you start to play. Every bit as exciting as setting out into the great blue unknown, playing this slot game is endlessly appealing. Don't ever doubt its ability to make you feel as if you've been on an incredible new quest.

The Ocean Life Can Make You Feel Lucky

Whether you're looking for an exotic escape or something more sweet, this great game is sure to fulfil all of your needs. After playing, you may even find that you're hungry for some seafood! Don't be a salty old dog; check out Big Catch and allow yourself to look underneath the surface of the water, finding terrific treasures that you will never forget. The best part of this slot game is that you don't even need to know how to swim! Simply click on the start button to initiate your own personal, seafaring odyssey; you never know what may await you at the bottom of this ocean.