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Bar 7s
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An Exciting Twist on the Classic Slot Machine: What's Old is New Again

Although there are many slots using a lot of technology these days, many would argue that the simpler the better. For those slots enthusiasts who appreciate the magic of a streamlined game, it's all about Bar 7s.

In fact, this game is so appealing that even those who usually partake in intricately designed games have caught onto the craze. Players who normally spend a lot of time on Blazing Riches, 5 Line Mystery and Aztec Power has even praised the steadfast, stalwart nature of this game. With only three reels and one line, it's the perfect game for both beginners and those who crave a return to simpler games with classic slot iconography.

All the Usual Suspects Make an Appearance in This Retro Slots Game

As the name implies, the lucky number seven plays a crucial role in this game. However, this isn't the only place where the number seven is venerated. In fact, people praised this wildly popular numeral since ancient times. Not only did the ancient Hebrews believe that the number seven predicted intelligence, but there are also seven days in our week.

If you look at a rainbow, you notice seven distinct colours and, if you recall, even superspy James Bond got this dazzling digit as an alias. Indeed, there is so much to love about the number seven that it isn't surprising it has been featured in slot games since their inception.

With games like Bars & Sevens and 7's Gold Casino out there, it would appear that the tradition is showing no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future.

Magnificent Multipliers That Will Make Your Slot Playing Session Even Better

When you are playing Bar 7s, one of the first things that you will notice is probably the marvellous multipliers at the bottom of the screen. With cherries, bells, blue sevens and Bar symbols, there are a lot of ways that you may be able to maximize your money. It's all up to the luck of the draw but this game will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat with the sensational sevens making their alluring appearances.

It doesn't matter if you spend time on slots such as Autumn Queen, Always Hot Cubes and 4 Reel Kings more frequently. This is a slot game that is for players of all levels and it harkens back to a sweeter, gentler time when one could find all kinds of fun simply by playing the slots.

Plot Twist: the Nudge Option Changes Everything

Of course, this wouldn't be a modern slot game without some exciting new advances. Bar 7s offers up all kinds of thrills with its Nudge option, which gives players a second chance after they have had an unsuccessful spin. The designers at Novomatic casino definitely put a lot of thought into this feature, which can really up the ante for players. Of course, this isn't all that Bar 7s has going for it, though.

A Slot Game with Autoplay and Paytables You Can Easily Understand

Transparency is a big deal for the team at Novomatic, which is why players can easily click on the paytable to see what kind of pay-outs their lucky sevens—and other combinations—will net. Players who would like to automate the process for their convenience can select the amazing Autoplay option to make their lives easier.

Everything can be customized and personalized to maximize every slot player's enjoyment, raising the bar for what players can expect from a classically-themed slot extravaganza. Fans of American Gangster and Always Hot Deluxe will appreciate the endless excitement that can be derived from playing such a gorgeous game.

With its epic graphics and sound effects that make players feel as if they've just walked into the Las Vegas Sahara Hotel in the 1950s, Bar 7s creates an amazing atmosphere for players, even if they just have a few minutes to play after work.

The Classic Slot Experience Made Even Better

When you play Bar 7s, you will immediately notice the bright, bold colours that make this slot game unlike any other. Combined with the perfect payline and all of the other fascinating features, this game is a real winner. Designed to emulate all of the fabulousness of the old games, Bar 7s somehow manages to do so without seeming stodgy.

This is a revolutionary new game, intended for an audience that appreciates the history of slots or just wants to pass the time by playing a game with clearly delineated rules and a few fun features that supercharge its fantastic factor. While many slot games look alike, this is one that truly bucks the trend and presents a terrific twist on the games played by luminaries such as the Rat Pack.

Sidle Up to This Slot Game and Experience the Glory of Playing in Your Own Home

Although the golden times of Las Vegas are always up for discussion in popular culture, consider the fact that you have it better now. Anytime you want to play Bar 7s, all you need to do is fire up your computer and log in to the casino for another spectacular session. Perhaps there is something to be said for modern advancements.