Autumn Queen

Autumn Queen
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The Amazing, Intoxicating Allure of the Autumn Queen

There is no doubt that autumn is an exciting time of year. The changing of colours and the crisp air remind us that Mother Nature has decided to renew herself once again. Indeed, there is nothing in the world that is more dazzling than the display put on when time and space collide to create a fantastic fall fantasy.

Autumn Queen is a slot game that plays up this fascinating theme, with the queen herself making an appearance as a curvy, ravishing redhead. With oranges, yellows and reds creating a stunning scene, it is no wonder that this game has racked up so much loyalty from slots enthusiasts. If you're looking for a slot game that is going to set the season ablaze, then it's time to check out the charms of the great Autumn Queen.

Autumn Queen Features Some of Autumn's Most Charming Creatures

Just as fall is a very exciting time for humans, it is also an intoxicating time for the animal kingdom. With beautiful birds, dazzling deer and magnificent mammals of all kinds, Autumn Queen creates the kind of intrigue so appreciated by players of a fabulous fall game. Boasting a fabulous 40 paylines and five riveting reels, this is a spectacular slot game for the ages. Those who like to play Aztec Power, Asian Attraction, Sizzling Hot Deluxe and Alchemist are especially bound to get some extra enjoyment out of seeing the luscious leaves flutter in the air when they happen upon an exciting combination.

Fiery Fabulousness That Will Spark up Your Soul

There is a reason why Autumn Queen has become as wildly popular as a cosy fireplace or a cup of hot apple cider. When playing this game, people can score payouts that make all of the senses sparkle. Fans of Always Hot Deluxe, Book of Ra, Always Hot Cubes and Blazing Riches are sure to become inspired by the delightful display.

It doesn't matter if you normally play 5 Line Mystery, 7's Gold Casino, 5 Line Jokers or even Bella Donna; this gorgeous game is sure to make you sit up and take notice.

Possessing all of the qualities that a game requires in order to garner a loyal fan-base, Autumn Queen also features traditional card symbols in addition to the burly bears and other animals popping up on the reels. This spirited sensation of a game excels at getting people going, whether they are new to the world of slots or they are veterans.

Novomatic Casino Has Done It Again: Sheer, Bold Brilliance

When it comes to innovation, the designers at Novomatic excel at crafting galvanizing, spectacular slots that create a sense of excitement and enjoyment whenever one longs on for a session. Even if players log on for just a few minutes, chances are that they feel as if they emerge from a mini-vacation after sampling some of the Autumn Queen's Delights.

The sizzling sound effects and terrific tunes get slots players out of their seats — and headed for a walk in the crisp autumn air. Slick, sensational artwork will inspire even those who are usually summer lovers. Indeed, Autumn Queen is one of those slots that showcases something special that keeps players fixed to their screens.

A Kaleidoscope of Pre-Winter Wonders

There is something so intoxicating about the excitement of autumn; that crackle in the air is enough to get anyone going! Autumn Queen, with its brilliant graphics and sound effects, somehow manages to translate that feeling into a genius game. It gives players what they want during every step of the process. The possibility of free games is omnipresent. This game makes no secret about it when you've come upon some good fortune.

Glamorous glitter surrounds each icon as players are encouraged to reach of the autumn stars and make all of their fall dreams become a reality. And this Autumn Queen doesn't require that you make any special arrangements in order to experience her in all her spectacular splendour. Instead of taking a plane, all you need to do is click on your computer screen and you can experience the fabulous feeling of fall—all in the comfort of your own den.

20 Symbols to Make You Admire Autumn Even More

Even if you are already a fan of this sensational season, chances are the Autumn Queen is going to ramp up your admiration even more. Allow your inner light to shine as this game presents you with all the options you need to enjoy a successful session of slots.

Take a chance on Mother Nature as you delve into the delights of a season that is loved all over the world and permit yourself to play a game that has all the traditional rules and is embellished with symbols that are anything but.

In a world where slot games often look similar, Autumn Queen has created a world that is not just magical; it's unlike anything else designers have dreamt up. Once you experience the joy of a fall frenzy like this, you won't be satisfied with anything less. Spin the reels and allow yourself to take part in a magical journey that is so beautiful it could only have been made by Mother Nature.