Asian Attraction

Asian Attraction
Screenshot Asian Attraction

Unlock the Lotus Blossom of Life: Experience the Allure of the Orient

When you're looking for a major escape from your everyday cares, there is nothing like Asian Attraction to appeal to your senses. This extraordinary slot game combines all of the most exciting elements that keep you coming back time and time again. Developed by Novomatic, this is truly a slot game unlike any other. From the moment you hear the strains of mysterious music begin to play, you will know that you've stumbled upon a game unlike any other.

For Regular Slots Experts and Those Who Want to Play for the First Time

It doesn't matter if you're a Novomatic casino veteran who has played several rounds of Always Hot Cubes and American Gangster, or if you are trying out slots for the very first time; Asian Attraction is sure to appeal to everyone. Those who have enjoyed Blazing Riches, Bella Donna and Autumn Queen may particularly enjoy trying out Asian Attraction. Boasting a flair that rivals that of Alchemist and Big Runner, this spectacular slot has truly transcended its medium.

Prepare for an Exciting Journey Across a Stunning Continent

When you're playing Asian Attraction, it is practically impossible not to notice the gorgeous geisha characters who bring you good fortune. Whether they are adorned in violet or green, they are always a welcome sight. Players who get a kick out of the graphics in 5 Line Jokers, 7's Gold Casino or Amazing Stars will like Asian Attraction. It'll put you under a spell before you even realize what is happening.

All of the information you need is out in the open, from the amount you are betting to the paytable and options to gamble or collect. When it comes to giving you different ways to play, there is no other slot game like Asian Attraction.

Five Riveting Reels to Suit Your Fancy

You'll want to keep an eye out for many exciting features in this game, including the Asian Attraction logo itself, as well as all of the card symbols you have come to know and love. Whether you score an Ace or a Jack, it's nice to know that this slot is an ideal mix of all the qualities that will provide the spark that keeps you playing. If you happen to stumble upon some free games, then you will discover why it is that so many people have found this game exceptionally compelling.

So Many Intoxicating Ways to Win

With possible scatters and free spins galore, players will be at the edge of their seats every time they fire up this extraordinary game. In a world where many slot machine games seem to appear and sound similar, Asian Attraction is truly one of a kind. Indulge yourself in the magnificent mysteries of this game, which has received glowing reviews from players and critics alike. Although it may be impossible for you to take a weekend trip to Asia, this incredible slot provides a bold escape that will dazzle all of your senses.

Five Riveting Reels to Boost Your Interest and Suit Your Fancy

All of the sizzling sound effects and stunning icons draw you into this slot game for the long haul. Asian Attraction offers all the small, delicate details that makes a game sparkle. From the fancy frame in the middle of the reels to the intricate artwork surrounding the slot, nothing misses in the design. These are the tiny, tantalizing titbits that let players know just how much work Novomatic put into creating this stunning slot.

Fabulous Fonts and Amazing Artwork Lights Up the Screen

Revel in all the whimsical wonders of the Orient. Allow yourself the pleasure of a game that has been crafted especially to the desires of discerning slots players. Those that crave something more out of their gaming routine. There's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a beautiful lotus blossom pop into that centre frame, heralding the arrival of more free games and fun.

Daring Designs That Remind Players of All the Possibilities

Chances are that you don't need any reminders about all the bursting beauty of Asia. This slot will make you experience the allure all over again anyway. As if you were just happening upon it for the very first time. Asian Attraction is all about the simplicity of luxury and the passion it takes to enjoy the finer things in life. Want to take a chance on something that is new and different? Then it's time to provide yourself with pleasure from playing Asian Attraction.

The Lotus Blossom: A Representation of Beauty and Purity

The fact that the lotus blossom plays so prominently into this game is no mistake; after all, this beautiful bloom is extremely well-known in Asian culture. Allow it to permeate your senses and bring you closer to perfection as you indulge in a round or two of Asian Attraction. Although there are many slot games out there, this is the one that appeals to your higher senses while also offering you the opportunity to ramp up your winnings and luxuriate in a life well-lived.