Armadillo Artie

Armadillo Artie
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Don't Mess with Texas: the Power of Armadillo Artie

If you are a fan of the American Southwest, chances are that you are going to fall for Armadillo Artie—big time. This Novomatic casino game couldn't be easier to play; simply choose your denomination and start spinning to win.

Perhaps it is very apt that this game is based on a Wild West theme, because Wilds actually factor into the game a great deal. Those who enjoy a good round of Aztec Power, Autumn Queen or Africa Simba are bound to enjoy the sharp graphics.

Reminiscent of Woody Woodpecker renderings, this amazing artwork will keep you engaged for the entire time you play. Indeed, it is not a surprise that players who usually favour games such as Blazing Riches and Big Runner have expressed their admiration for this spectacular slot.

Everything You Need to Get Going on Your Way: 25 Paylines and an Autoplay Option

For those who like playing to win, there is nothing like Armadillo Artie to put a fire under your cowboy saddle. After all, Artie has got friends in all kinds of places—and they will make appearances on the reels. Keep an eye out for the sheriff's badge, which actually signify a lucky break. If you catch sight of more than a few, you may find yourself presented with the opportunity to play some bonus games.

Armadillo Artie Doesn't Mess Around with His Bonus Games

When it comes to bonus games, it is difficult to think of a slot game that offers as many dazzling options as this one. Even fans of 5 Line Mystery, Always Hot Cubes and Anubix are sure to revel in all of the excitement of these bonus games. See whether the armadillo powers-that-be would prefer that you play a round of Pinball, Cosmic Bowling, Snake Shootout or Sling Shot.

When Artie's Wild West Free Spins open, you really know that you have hit the jackpot. As Artie symbols are added to the reels while the free spins progress, you will have some time to reflect upon the fact that you possess excellent taste in slot games. Just like Beetle Mania and Bear Tracks, Armadillo Artie boasts that special something that catapults a slot game into legendary status.

Look for the Dash for Cash Symbol

Amid some of the kooky characters you may find in this one-horse town, there's a beaver, a raccoon and a hawk. However, one of the most sought-after icons isn't even an animal; it's the Dash for Cash symbol. This is one of the most sure-fire signs that a cowboy kind of treasure may be on the horizon for you, even if you live in a ghost town without any bustling casinos!

The beauty of Armadillo Artie is that you can play this nuanced, exciting game from the comfort of your own living space. Never underestimate the ability of this amazing armadillo to start the party, offering up riches when you least expect it.

Armadillo Artie Flips and Creates Fun Wherever He Goes

It's when you're playing games like Pinball that you'll see what Artie the Armadillo is truly capable of. During this bonus game, Artie morphs into a bombastic ball in order to help you achieve your ultimate goal of knocking down pins and taking names. After you throw this special armadillo ball through a tunnel lined with cacti, enthusiastic Artie will celebrate as much as you do.

This charismatic armadillo will serve as your most loyal supporter, leaping for joy whenever things happen to swing your way. The sound effects, festive music and sharp graphics transport you from your regular old environment into the timeless Old West. It takes you to a time when the sheriff was the one making sure that everyone acted properly after leaving the saloon.

A Slot Game with Card Symbols That You Love—and Some New Fangled Characters

It doesn't matter if you are more of a classic slots player or you normally play some of the newer games, this electrifying slot appeals to players from both schools of thought. Armadillo Artie is devoted to giving you the best playing experience possible; your status as a newbie or a slots expert has no bearing on his enthusiasm whenever you begin to play.

This is a game in which there are many exciting icons, and all of them have an important role to play. Whether you're keeping an eye on the crazy cacti or you're waiting with bated breath to see if you can get some free games going, there is never a dull moment when you decide to stop into Armadillo Artie's town.

A Rare Kind of Slot Game with a Wonderful Wild West Theme

In Wild West towns, everything was straightforward and out in the open. After all, how else could there be law and order? It is this kind of clarity that makes Armadillo Artie such an appealing slot. Everything is laid out on the line and it isn't difficult to see where you stand with this amazing armadillo and his kooky, charismatic cohorts.

Life out in the desert has never been so exciting and you have never seen such a motley crew of magnificent characters that exist to help you get as far as you possibly can.