Screenshot Anubix

Unlock the Secrets of Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs—Explore the Afterlife

Back in the days of ancient Egypt, Kings and Queens truly ruled the earth—and they believed in a rich afterlife populated with gods and goddesses. Building vast tombs to house their souls—and some of their wealth—these ancient Egyptians created stunningly beautiful monuments to their beliefs.

For slot players who enjoy some ancient Egyptian thematic elements—one of which is gold—there is no better game than Anubix to unveil some of the deeper mysteries of life.

Players who have enjoyed Aztec Power, American Diner and African Simba are sure to fall under the spell of pharaoh. This game captures their hearts and minds. Fortunately for modern players, however, there is no need to worry about tomb robbers and canopic jars!

Five Reels, Five Paylines...and a Whole Lot of Mystical Magic

While the ancient Egyptians had their priests and priestesses, we have the glory of Anubix to keep our minds engaged. Offering an exciting array of ways for players to win, this spectacular slot will make a believer out of any player. With an appeal that is both minimalistic and magnificent, this slot game is perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike.

Fans of games such as Armadillo Artie, 4 Reel Kings and Autumn Queen will appreciate this mesmerizing game that calls to mind one of the greatest civilizations of all time.

Hit Autoplay in Anubix and Your Spins Will Gain Eternal Life

One thing we know for certain is that the Egyptians were completely transfixed by the idea of becoming immortal. They spent much of their time and resources on making sure that all of their arrangements were perfect before they took that big journey to the next world.

Similarly, Anubix offers an array of options that allow players to customize the game to their exact preferences. Whether they're going for the Autoplay option or hitting up the Gamble feature in a bid to enhance their riches even more, players always cherish the time they spend playing this Novomatic casino game.

It probably shouldn't come as a surprise that this game is as wildly popular as it is. After all, Novomatic produced many slot gems such as American Gangster, Bear Tracks, 5 Line Jokers and 5 Line Mystery. With such a reputation for excellence, it's no wonder that Anubix came out of the gate winning high praise from both game critics and expert slots players alike.

Pay Attention to Pharaoh...and the Scarab

Since the scarab works as a scatter, players will definitely want to pay it some mind. It appears on the screen in all of its green, luxurious glory. The pharaoh is yet another highly powerful symbol, as is the queen.

No detail of ancient Egyptian culture went unnoticed during the creation of this game and it shows. The bright, warm colours practically burst out of the reels. And the mysterious music and beautiful backdrop do wonders to set the mood for amateur Egyptologists. After all, it's never too late to learn more about this striking, fascinating culture. And what better way to explore the lives and loves of these people than to play a game that pays them the ultimate honour?

Walk Like an Egyptian in the Anubix slot

Novomatic games are known for providing both options and aesthetic enjoyment, and Anubix is no exception to this rule. Adorned in all of their finest jewellery and most stunning clothes, the characters in this slot game will make you happy.

With the card symbols that appear on the reels in a kind of hieroglyphic style, players from all walks of life get a kick out of this superb slot. With his gorgeous red headpiece, you spot the pharaoh easily. As is the case in ancient Egyptian culture, players won't get to meet Anubix without a reservation in the afterlife world—or, in this case—in a special bonus round. The rarity of this symbol makes it even more exciting when the character finally does make a rare appearance.

You Don't Even Need to Build a Pyramid to Play Anubix

Back in the days of old, ancient Egyptians spent decades constructing their vast monuments. You, however, are much luckier. By playing Anubix, you get to pay homage to this stunning civilization without even putting in any of the manual labour.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and hit the start button. Luxuriate in the mystique of this thriving, fertile land. Allow yourself to get caught up in the majesty of ancient Egyptian magnificence. Travel back in time to a period so advanced, we never manage to figure out how they build their monuments!

Immerse Yourself in an Ancient Egyptian Slot Game that Transcends Time

These ancients believed that death was just another starting point that led into the next world, and their carefully preserved artefacts have indeed granted them new life within our current civilization. Weaving a mysterious, magical origin tale that perfectly embedded itself into their culture, the Egyptians proved that they were a highly-advanced civilization. When you play Anubix, some of their special sparkle will be extended to you.