American Diner

American Diner
Screenshot American Diner

The Diner Slot Machine Game to Satisfy Your Thirst for Fizzy Drinks—and Nostalgia

When you're in the mood for some drive-through food and an experience unlike any other, it's time to see how American Diner can fulfil your need for delicious grub.

Centred around a diner that appears to be straight out of the greasier films of the fifties and sixties, this is definitely one of the most creative and fun slot games to ever come out of the Novomatic casino portfolio.

Those who usually enjoy playing Autumn Queen, Aztec Power and Alchemist are going to love this game. Of course, the incredibly sharp graphics and sensational sound effects appeal to regular players of Blazing Riches and Big Runner. For all slots players who are seeking something more enticing—and appetizing—from their experience, nothing beats the American Diner slot.

Put on Your Jukebox and Get the Party Started with a Fun Cast of Characters

Although real diners may be few and far between these days, you can still experiencee all their glory. All of your favourite card symbols will be there, but in a totally new and unexpected way. Appearing more like music notes or neon signs, these incredible icons will take you back to a bygone era. An era in which the airwaves were ruled by stars who sang about the same diners they frequented.

A Slot Game That Features Burgers, Fries and Amazing Automobiles

With compelling characters that look a bit like Elvis and Olivia Newton-John, there is no doubt that this slot game truly captures something special. Players who usually enjoy games such as Bella Donna, Amazing Stars and 7's Gold Casino will derive a real thrill from this slot.

Even those who usually play Bars & Sevens and Bear Tracks should be utterly charmed by this unique, action-packed slot game. Sit back and spin as you reflect upon your own favourite songs from the era. You may even want to get your bobby socks out and hit the dance floor!

You'll Be Rocking and Rolling in No Time at All

If you've ever frequented a venue with a jukebox machine, then you probably already know just how expensive it can be to crank up your favourite tunes these days. After all, it's not the 1950s anymore! Sometimes it can cost a decent chunk of change just to listen to the music you enjoy. However, American Diner is different. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that, in this game, the jukebox is actually a very fortuitous sign that you may have some free spins heading your way.

All of the Features You Love—Even in a Slot Game with a Retro Feel

Back in the day, everything needed to be done by hand. Waitresses actually wrote down orders with paper and pencils, and customers who used the jukebox needed to actually pull some levers. These days, of course, everything has become quite a bit more efficient and easy to use. In that vein, modern players will be excited that they are able to hit Auto Start and get the game going for real. Excitement will crackle in the air as you saddle up for yet another session of American Diner, checking out the bottom of the board for all of the necessary information you need to know.

Free Spins and Wilds Abound for Lucky Teeny-Boppers of All Ages

With American Diner, the fun never stops. Whether it's six in the morning or six in the evening, this slot game creates the kind of pulsating party atmosphere that is so rare these days. After all, there's nothing wrong with taking a load off and harkening back to a kinder, gentler time period when all your diner buddies were just as American as apple pie. With all of the exciting information you need readily available at your fingertips, there is nothing you can't do when stopping for a bite at this dazzling diner.

For Even More Fun, Check out the Gamble Feature

Players who enjoy the thrill of a little extra excitement will definitely appreciate the Gamble option, as it gives them a fast way to double their cash if they choose the correct card colour. With all of these wildly entertaining options, it is not difficult to see why American Diner has won over so many slot players' hearts. Putting a new-school spin on an old-fashioned theme, this slot is endlessly entertaining.

Don't Play This Vintage Slot on an Empty Stomach

Once you get a glimpse of this eatery, chances are that you might get a big hungry for a burger and some chips! Of course, playing this wonderful game can help you to work up an appetite. After all, the thought of spinning and winning can be extremely appetizing. It doesn't even matter if you've been to a diner in real life; this spectacular slot will give you the opportunity to experience the magic first hand.

Consistently serving up exhilarating entertainment, American Diner will bring you that diner sugar rush you crave—without any of the calories! Pull up a stool, personalize the slot to suit your preferences and then give it your best shot.