Always Hot Cubes

Always Hot Cubes
Screenshot Always Hot Cubes

Your Best Luck Is Just a Roll of the Dice Away

The developers at Novomatic casino have gone and done it again! Slots players who enjoy their dice are going to get a big kick out of Always Hot Cubes, a game that is perfect for all kinds of players. After all, it is ideal for both slots enthusiasts and dice fans alike.

Although you may routinely play more intricate games such as Autumn Queen, American Gangster or American Diner, chances are that you are going to fall hard for Always Hot Cubes. These magnificent, multi-coloured sets of dice have a way of making themselves memorable and the game couldn't be easier to understand.

Match Three of the Same Coloured Dice and Win

With always Hot Cubes, all you have to do is line up the same dice, and you will triumph. It couldn't be more fun, and it may even reignite some of your childhood passion for playing dice.

This is a game that is perfect for all kinds of Novomatic fans, offering exhilaration and delight. From the background of the game, which depicts flames, to the fun music and spectacular sound effects, this is one time you are going to be so glad that you decided to roll the dice.

Fans of Novomatic games such as Bear Track, Big Runner, Big Catch and Beetle Mania have all praised this game highly. In a world filled with slots games that tend to look similar, this is one that truly stands out and breaks the mould of what you can expect.

Green Dice, Orange, Yellow or Blue—It Can All Happen for You

As you're playing this electrifying game, it will become impossible to think about anything else. Although it only possesses three reels and five paylines, Always Hot Cubes sure packs a lot of punch.

Thrill-seekers who glean excitement from games like Armadillo Artie, 5 Line Multiplay and Amazing Stars will be glad that they decided to get in on the action. This is a slot game for players from all kinds of backgrounds; no one will want to miss the kind of party that Always Hot Cubes provides.

Decide on Your Bet Level and Hit Start

If there's one aspect that the designers at Novomatic always prioritize, it is personalization. Players are encouraged to make each game their own, and Always Hot Cubes is no exception. By selecting their own bet level, every charged-up gamer can get a real kick out of this slot—while playing their way.

Since it is Novomatic, there's also the amazing Gamble option to make things even more intriguing. Once you've already won, you will have the chance to risk it all. If you are successful in your quest, picking out the right colour, then you can double your earnings.

It's not a shabby day's pay for just calling upon your inner soothsayer and choosing either red or black. With so many ways to keep you engaged, this vibrant, visual game truly makes its mark upon the world.

Questions about Combinations? Check Out the Lovely Paytable

Although this game is fairly straightforward when it comes to payment, players will revel in the galvanizing glimpse of what can happen if the dice align in their favour. On top of the regular dice, there are special icons that carry even more weight.

These three dice boast a white background and showcase spectacular symbols. The highest-paying combination of three is the red symbol, followed by the yellow star and then the blue symbol. After these icons, the coloured dice also reign supreme.

Lining up three of the green dice each with a value of six will pay you a pretty penny, as will the dark blue dice with a value of five. The light blue dice with four and the yellow dice with three will also light up the reels. Following these combinations are: the orange dice with a value of two and the red dice with a value of one. For players who enjoy staying on the edge of their seats while playing, there truly is nothing else like this game out there.

Always Hot Cubes: Sizzling at Any Time of Day

Since Always Hot Cubes relies upon both classic and newer elements, this is a slot game that is appropriate during any and all parts of the day. Whenever you feel like scoring a quick thrill, it's time to check out the game and see what could happen.

Until you play, you'll never know what kind of grand, mystical intrigues will unveil themselves. With an amazing aesthetic that recalls both the glamour of Golden Age Las Vegas and the refined charm of Monte Carlo, this is one stunning slot that you won't ever want to miss.