5 Line Mystery

5 Line Mystery
Screenshot 5 Line Mystery

There's No Mystery About How Alluring This Game Is

There's something so intriguing about Novomatic casino slot games, and chances are that your opinion won't change when testing out 5 Line Mystery. This brilliantly appealing slot game possesses that Las Vegas magic that is all the rage these days and, happily, 5 Line Mystery decides to live up to its name right off the bat.

For those who prefer their fruit in a slot game format, this game is sure to provide thrills. You've got your standard citrus fruits: there are lemons and oranges lighting up the reels, which are always a pleasant sight, and although cherries are normally one of the biggest ticket items in a slot, in this game they represent one of the lower combinations. However, you'll still be excited whenever they make an appearance.

Got Questions? Consult the Paytable

Since 5 Line Mystery is a game that turns conventions on their head, you may want to check out the handy-dandy paytable whenever you have questions.

Once you take a peek, you will see that three jokers rank very highly. The same goes for the wonderful watermelons and the sensational sevens. Grapes are also a highly sought-after symbol, and a magical combo of three stars allows for a mystery game.

With plums in play as well, who knows what kind of magical mysteries will unfurl as you play? Those who frequently enjoy classics such as Bar 7s, 4 Reel Kings and 7's Gold Casino will love this game. Boasting all of the incredible elements that make a casino slot game truly unstoppable, 5 Line Mystery is a constant source of fun for players.

Allow Yourself to Be Dazzled by the Classic Graphics

Like other noteworthy Novomatic games such as Autumn Queen, 5 Line Jokers and Amazing Stars, this slot sure has made an impression upon players who love gorgeous graphics and gripping sound effects. W

hen you hit a favourable combination on 5 Line Mystery, you will feel as if the whole world is celebrating with you! Fascinated fans of games like Bear Tracks, Bella Donna, Big Runner and Beetle Mania will definitely get a kick out of it. For extraordinary entertainment that will last a lifetime, this is where you'll want to be.

There Is Something to Say for Nostalgia

These days, many of the big casinos in the world have become very corporate. The best part about 5 Line Mystery is that it offers you a wonderful window into a bygone era. The era when people dressed up for the casino and everything was all about glamour.

Take a trip down memory lane whenever you play this game, which possesses a pristine purple background and three reels that will keep you guessing at every moment. For both veterans and slots newbies alike, this electrifying experience will be one for the books.

Add Even More Mystery to the Game—Choose the Gamble Option!

Although there is a lot going on in 5 Line Mystery—especially for such a seemingly simple game—the Gamble feature will amp up your experience even more. Simply select red or black—and you may be able to multiply your winnings, depending upon the result. In 5 Line Mystery, you never know what sort of secret, serendipitous events may unfold. With a slot game that combines all of the magic of classic Las Vegas games with modern technology, this game can be a surprise.

Watch the Reels Spin and Hope for Them to Make Your Lucky Day

With an aesthetic appeal that is unrivalled by other slot games, this stunning new take on an older type of entertainment tends to draw in a variety of people who love slots. Whether you're blowing off some steam after a hard day’s work or just wanting to do something that will elevate you while you pass the time, 5 Line Mystery contains all of the exciting elements that will make your heart sing.

The spectacular simplicity of this slot makes it even more alluring to those who want to do something fun that doesn't require a great deal of thought. Just relax and wait to see if the multiple mysteries unveil themselves in your favour!

Vegas-Style Fun without Stepping out of the House

When you're playing 5 Line Mystery, fun can happen in a way that is completely out of the blue! With all of this old-school mysteriousness and intrigue crackling in the air, there will be many opportunities for you to see some of your ultimate dreams fulfilled. Luxuriate in the old-fashioned charm and bombastic beauty of this game, which never fails to entertain and often becomes a favourite for many players who give it a shot.

Although many slot machine games seem to look similar, this is one that definitely gets major points for originality. Even if you're just sitting in your living room playing, you're bound to fall in love with the winning combination of sound effects and visuals.

A Luxuriously Vibrant Vegas Game that Will Appeal to All Your Senses

There's so much that 5 Line Mystery gets right about its design. This stunning blend of classicism and modern developments is bound to make any player sit up and take notice. For a chance to play an amazing slot you'll never forget, it's all about 5 Line Mystery.